The Night That Changed My Life. A One Direction Fan Fic.

That One Boy... That One Band..... Read More To Find Out Everything.


2. Out To Dinner With Moms New Clients

My Mom Was A Manager For So Many Bands, Like Aerosmith And Even Eminem For A While Now I Was Meeting Her Newest Clients. " Payton!!!" I Heard My Mom Yell To Me As I Was Taking A Shower " What, Im In The Shower Mom!!?" " Dress Nice The Place Is Fancy, Love You Cupcake!" ( Cupcake Was My Moms Nickname For Me) " Okay Mom. Love You Too" . I Hopped Out Of The Shower Blow Dried My Hair And Looked In My Huge Walk-In Closet For A Nice Skirt Or Dress. My Phone Buzzed Indicating I Had A Text, I Ran Over And Checked. It Was My Boyfriend James He Asked " Do You Want To Go Out To The Club? Xxx Love You" I Responded " Cant Babe Dinner With Moms New Clients Tonight, :( Sorry Ill Make It Up To You. , Xx." I Locked My Phone And Ran Into My Bathroom And Did My Make Up I Just Did Mascara For Now Because I Hadnt Had My Outfit Picked Out I Choose A Simple Strapless Red Dress With A Bow And Red Heels. I Curled My Hair And Put On Red Eyeliner And Eyeshadow I Didnt Need Concealer Because My Skin Was Perfect .We Had An Hour Til We Were Leaving. I Had Nothing To Do. Oh Maybe I'll - " Come On Cupcake Were Leaving Early, Take Seperate Cars!" I Grabbed My Red Bag Threw My Phone Keys And Lipgloss In And Walked Downstairs To My Car. I Hopped In And Drove To The Resteraunt I Got A Text From James In The Parking Lot It Read " Its Over You're Such A Whore. Go Fuck Someone ElseOver Bitch!!!" I Cried And Called My Mom " Hey Cupcake Where Are You? The Clients Are Here." " Mom, Im Not Coming!" I Said Inbetween Sobs I Heard Her Whisper " Liam Go To The Green Charger And Gett Her Please" I Wiped My Eyes And Saw Someone Walking Towards My Car. I Hung Up With My Mom And This Boy Liam I Think Grabbed My Hand And Walked Me In The Resteraunt They All Stood Up And Shook My Hand Except For The Blonde One , Niall I Think He Hugged Me And It Made Me Giggle. I Had Such An Amazing Time, They Totally Cheered Me Up!

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