Kiss me (book 2 of I shoulda kissed u

This is book 2 of I should of kissed u like it hope u do
I hope u love the books !!!!!!


3. twisted

britinys pov

i was trying tolet go but niall dident finally i got air an we got in the car we drove off instntly after harry sat beside me an hugged me when we got home the boys ran to us an gave us hugs then we sat an watched paranormal 3 the rest of the evening i cried an screamed i think i startled the boys too when the girl fell on the camra an the man ! then when i gasped when the "grandmother" -devil inside her- brokethe mans back harry had his mouth wide open i had mascara all down me face! he rubbed most of it off    awe hes so cute!!! 

nialls pov

 i have to admit paranormal activity did scare me but the one it scared most was brittney she cried!  then we started to watch the last exsircism man when we finish i think i saw louis pee his pants.... zayn was in the corner rocking back an forth holding his legs ! lol i was sitting in shock bri -brittiny - was crying agin an harry was in total shock then we fell asleep well, i did

louis pov

i peed my pants i went an changed into some red pants then i fell asleep after niall an zayn i think harry an bri went to bed upstairs but not for sure when we woke up we were totally wore out !

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