Kiss me (book 2 of I shoulda kissed u

This is book 2 of I should of kissed u like it hope u do
I hope u love the books !!!!!!


2. EVERYWERE we go

Britanys POV
I hugged Harry "I'm so scared "! Don't be he said at that moment a creepy mans face poped up in the window I jumped Harry hugged me tighter the man walked away Harry losened a little and then the man walked through the door Harry screamed " GET OUT"! He DIDENT go he just got closer and pushed Harry away and held me up to the bed post he knocked Harry out I was crying the man started to get closer an closer I was trying to pull him off but he was too strong Harry got up and saw him just as he touched my breasts he pushed the man off me an asked if I was okay I said yes still crying That night I couldent go to bed I went to get water but I had to sneak out so Harry nor the strange men heard or saw I got out their somone covered my mouth and pulled me in a room it was dark I couldent see I was hoping it was Harry though ! But I felt the guy touch my breasts again and I cried knowing who it was. He shushed me and pushed me to the bed post I squealed I heard foot steps and the guy kissed me Harry barged in and knocked him out and hugged me he ran out the door with me and tried to go threw the front but. It was locked so we jumped out a window I was still crying how could u blame me ? Seriously and Harry hugged me when we walked through the door Niall ran up to me an gave me a huge hug spinning me around awkward.... And Harry fists clenched
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