My true love.

My boyfriend we're going on tour tomorrow and my dad call. READ IT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEND...


1. We are going on tour!

Today was my last day with my boyfriend Harry before hes going on tour. I cried when I thought about it. "Harry, you can't leave me!! I will miss you so much!!" I said. "I will miss you too, love!!" Harry said and kissed my forhead. My phone calls and I answered, "Hello? Yes, no i don't, yeah bye!" I smiled and start ro cry happy tears. "What is it, love?" Harry said. "Harry, it was my dad! He said that i could go with you on tour!! is'nt it great!?" I said and kissed Harry. "What?! Are you going on TOUR with us?! Thats great Cassie!" Harry said and hugged me tight. "I Love you Harry." I said. "I love you too Cassie" We kissed for a long time. 

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