Is He The One?

Reychel and Ellie go into McDonalds, to get food but they meet two gorgeous boys; Harry and George. The girls fall in love with the boys slowly but the girls' parents disagree with the boys. Will the boys ever ask the girls or will the boys convice the girls' parents that they are their daughter's perfect boyfriend?

(Reychel and Ellie are best friends and Harry and George are brothers)


6. Parents Are Such A Pain In The Bum

"Mum! Guess what?!" Reychel said on the phone to her mum. Reychel shivered at the coldness of the air outside of McDonalds. Harry came out of McDonalds wearing casual clothes, and he hugged Reychel. 

Reychel's mum: What? 

Reychel: I got myself a gorgeous boyfriend! 

Reychel's mum: Can I meet him soon? 

Reychel: Is it okay if he comes with Ellie and me home, just let him stay for the weekend or something? 

Reychel's mum: Long distance relationships aren't a good idea.

Reychel: Harry is a sensible guy and we promise we will call each other everyday! 

Reychel's mum: I disapprove of Harry! You must break up with him as soon as possible! 

Reychel: Urgh! No! Harry's here, talk to him! 

Reychel hands her phone to Harry

Harry: Hello

Reychel's mum: Hello Harry, I hear you are dating my daughter, is that right? 

Harry: Yes, and I love her very much.

Reychel's mum: Where do you work? 

Harry: McDonalds.

Reychel's mum: Oh right, how old are you? 

Harry: 18.

Reychel's mum: Reychel is younger than you,  so go and find yourself a girl your age! 

Reychel's mum hangs up on Harry, Harry hands Reychel her phone back, "She doesn't like me," he sighs. "Ignore her! Where's George and Ellie?" Reychel snapped. Harry shrugs, "I don't know" he replies. "I last saw them about two hours ago, snogging each other's faces off," Reychel mutters. "Oyi! We weren't snogging!" George calls, walking towards Harry and Reychel. "Oh hey George." Harry says, smiling. "Have you seen Ellie? I got back to work and she said she would be back in thirty minutes. I checked her hotel, I looked everywhere but I can't find her" George says worriedly. "She might have ran away!" Reychel gasps. George started to walk around, showing people a picture of himself with Ellie and asking if they have seen her. Reychel and Harry went into each store, looking for Ellie. Where could Ellie be?

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