Is He The One?

Reychel and Ellie go into McDonalds, to get food but they meet two gorgeous boys; Harry and George. The girls fall in love with the boys slowly but the girls' parents disagree with the boys. Will the boys ever ask the girls or will the boys convice the girls' parents that they are their daughter's perfect boyfriend?

(Reychel and Ellie are best friends and Harry and George are brothers)


11. One Chance Left

"And is this Harry?" one of the two ladies asked. Reychel nodded and gulped. "Well, will you leave my daughter, and get out?!" Reychel's mum screamed into Harry's face. "No. I love Reychel and I will stay with her, no matter what," Harry replies calmly. Reychel looked at Harry with a shocked expression, "Is that so? Well, what's her favourite song?" Reychel's mum asks. Harry looked at Reychel, "Lego House, by the wonderous Ed Sheeran." he replies. Reychel's mum looks a bit impressed. Ellie and George looks at Harry and Reychel nervously. "Very well. I give you one dinner, ONE DINNER, to prove to me that you are good enough for my daughter." Reychel's mum smirked. Ellie's eyes shot over to her mother, "This is George, my wonderful boyfriend," Ellie says nervously. "George, well, I can't really say much apart from, LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE!" Ellie's mum yells into George's ear. George winches from the loud booming voice being screamed into his ear, and he wraps his arms around Ellie, "Even though Ellie and I have known each other for about two days, we both have already gone through a lot. So, excuse me, let me take Ellie out so we can speak privately. I don't want Ellie to get hurt by some of the hurtful things you can possibly say," George replies polietly, "I like your language. Well, maybe Reychel and Harry and Jenna (Reychel's mum) wouldn't mind us joining them for their 'Only Chance' dinner?" Ellie's mum asked Jenna. Jenna smiled, "Oh Wendy, you three can join us! The dinner is at 7pm, at a resturant of the boys' choice. See how well they choose." she replies. George looked at Ellie, who was already looking up at him, and he beamed widely. "ONE CHANCE!" Wendy warned George, and she left the suite. Jenna followed Wendy, shooting Harry dirty looks. "WOW, your mum is seriously rude!" Harry exclaimed when Reychel closed the door. "Sorry about these bitches (SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE!)," Reychel muttered. Harry chuckled and he hugged Reychel. "So, shall we have our dinner at Nandos?" George piped up, smiling cheekily. Ellie laughed loudly, her laugh is naturally SUPER LOUD, so she laughed, and she nodded her head, "Yeah, I love Nandos! SUPER CHICKENS!" she shouted and she flopped onto her bed, laughing. George laughed and he lied down next to Ellie, laughing.



For some reason, I feel really cheerful and random today, so that will explain the reason why I have been telling people on omegle that Louis Tomlinson is actually an unicorn in disguise and that he is my brother and I am an unicorn and I poo rainbow poop :3 IDK

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