Is He The One?

Reychel and Ellie go into McDonalds, to get food but they meet two gorgeous boys; Harry and George. The girls fall in love with the boys slowly but the girls' parents disagree with the boys. Will the boys ever ask the girls or will the boys convice the girls' parents that they are their daughter's perfect boyfriend?

(Reychel and Ellie are best friends and Harry and George are brothers)


5. On The Second Day Of Summer

"George?" Ellie whispered curiously, trying to find George. "Hey sweetie!" George says, hugging Ellie's waist from behind. Ellie jumped a bit, and she whirled around, "George, I have to tell you something, before we both, we'll, get into a relationship, I... Umm..." she mumbled, looking into Georges adorable eyes, "Yes?" George whispered, "Wait, will it help if we go somewhere private?" Ellie nodded. George led Ellie outside of McDonalds. "I'm not here for good. I'm only here for the summer." Ellie says, looking down at the ground. George nods, then he gently pulls Ellie's chin up to face him, "Don't worry too much, make the most of our time together." he says, then he leans in to kiss Ellie, and Ellie kisses back. Reychel walked past George and Ellie, sharing their first kiss, and entered McDonalds. George pulled away, and he hugs Ellie, "I will always be there for you, babe" he mumbles into Ellie's mousey-brown wavy hair. Ellie breathes in the chip smell of George, seeing that he worked at McDonalds. Reychel rolled her eyes at Harry while she caught him flirting with a customer. Harry looks up at Reychel, and he says something to the customer, then he walked over to Reychel, "Don't worry darling, I would never replace you," he says, smiling. Reychel giggles, "I know that! Get back to work! I'm here all afternoon!" she whispers, the giving Harry a quick peck on the lips. Harry laughs then he went back to work, blowing Reychel kisses occasionally as he worked. 

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