Is He The One?

Reychel and Ellie go into McDonalds, to get food but they meet two gorgeous boys; Harry and George. The girls fall in love with the boys slowly but the girls' parents disagree with the boys. Will the boys ever ask the girls or will the boys convice the girls' parents that they are their daughter's perfect boyfriend?

(Reychel and Ellie are best friends and Harry and George are brothers)


1. Meet George and Harry

Ellie and Reychel was walking to McDonalds after a tiring morning of shopping at the shopping centre, talking and laughing. "Imagine, meeting two gorgeous guys in McDonalds, without spots!" Reychel joked, laughing. Ellie laughed. It was true, most of the teenager guys working at McDonalds had spotty skin and was not that gorgeous. But when Ellie opened the door and entered McDonalds, an amazing sight was in front of her. "Um, I think that imagine thing is about to become real," Ellie whispered, Reychel looked up to see a guy behind the counter, chatting and laughing. He had curly brown hair with perfect hazel eyes, and a gorgeous smile. He was greeting the customers and taking their orders, "The curly-haired one is mine," Reychel whispered to Ellie. Ellie sniggered and her eyes automatically looked over at the other guy, coming in and out of McDonalds, delivering food to the people who had ordered their food through drive-through. He had soft brown hair that was spiked in one direction, and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He gave Ellie and Reychel a smile when he went past the girls to deliver a bag of food to some people sitting outside, "He's mine," Ellie whispered as she went off walking around McDonalds to find a table. "I'll order the food!" Reychel said, jumping at the chance of talking to his gorgeous curly-haired guy. "Okay! We're sitting over there" Ellie giggled and she pointed at the empty table near to her. Ellie took a seat and she whipped out her phone, and she tweeted, 'Two gorg guyz workin at mcdonalds, can't believe it!'

Reychel went over to her guy, and she took a quick glance at her guy's name tag, 'Harry' it read. Reychel smiled at Harry, and she told him her order. Harry grinned cutely, "Okay, that will be 16 pounds please," he told Reychel and she handed him the money, and a £5 tip for Harry, "Keep the change as your 'secret tip'" Reychel winked. Harry laughed silently, and he slipped the tip into his pocket. Harry smiled, "George, our delivery guy, will deliver your food to your table," he said, and he nodded into George's direction. "Oh, okay thanks Harry," she said, smiling. She went over to Ellie's table, "Your guy is called George and he's delivering our food!" Reychel said, grinning

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