Is He The One?

Reychel and Ellie go into McDonalds, to get food but they meet two gorgeous boys; Harry and George. The girls fall in love with the boys slowly but the girls' parents disagree with the boys. Will the boys ever ask the girls or will the boys convice the girls' parents that they are their daughter's perfect boyfriend?

(Reychel and Ellie are best friends and Harry and George are brothers)


2. Free Hugs

George walks over to the girls, smiling, "Hello gorgeous," George says, looking at Reychel. Ellie stares at George enviously, but when George looks at Ellie, he was lost for words, "And hello beautiful," George says, grinning nervous, "Oh thanks George," Ellie giggles, blushing lightly. "Did you girls order two plain cheese burgers and a chicken legend, with two cokes?" he says, looking at Reychel, then at Ellie. Reychel nodded, hungry for food. "Yeah, that's what we ordered," Ellie said, smiling shyly. "Well, here you go then, girls. Just shout my name if you need anything else," George smiles, "Well, where are the straws?" Reychel teases. "One moment!" George says and he gives the girls their food before walking off to get the straws. "Wow, he's so sexy up close!" Ellie whispers to Reychel, Reychel giggles before shooting a glance at Harry. Harry was staring at Reychel, quickly looking away when Reychel looked at him. "Ooooh!" Ellie says, raising her eyebrows. Reychel blushes and giggles nervously. "Here you go!" George says, walking back to the table, and hands over one straw to Ellie and one straw to Reychel. "Thanks," Ellie grins, sticking her straw into her coke and sips it slowly. "Well, can you ask Harry if he likes me or something? My name is Reychel by the way, and this is Ellie, but I call her Snuggles." Reychel flirted. George laughed, "So you nickname is Snuggles?" he says, looking at Ellie. Ellie blushed in embarrassment, "Yeah, because I give the best hugs," she says, looking at her chips and nibbling on them, "Can I have one of your famous hugs then?" George says, smiling cheekily. "Okay then," Ellie grins, and she stands up. George opens his arms and he wraps them around Ellie. Ellie gave George a long hug, breathing in his sweet scent. "You do really give the best hugs, Snuggles." George joked, and he let Ellie go. "Haha thanks, but to be honest, I think you give better hugs than me!" Ellie laughs. Harry whispered to another worker to take over his place behind the counter for a couple of minutes, then he runs over to Reychel and gives her a surprise hug. "Free hugs for everybody" Harry says, hugging Reychel. Reychel blushes pink and she hugs Harry back. Harry grins to himself, and then he lets Reychel go, smiling. "Wow... Harry, you never did that before," George said, staring at Harry's smirk. "Well, let just say that I have a new crush." Harry smiles, looking at Reychel. "Reychel likes you too, Harry," Ellie says, laughing at Reychel while Reychel blushed madly. "Aww, bless you Reychel." Harry smiles, Reychel smiles back, her cheeks red. "You're cute, come here again tomorrow, the same time?" George says, looking at Reychel and Ellie. The girls nodded, then the boys returned working... 

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