Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


6. Chapter 6

[Sophie's P.O.V] 

So its been two weeks since I knew that Niall had a crush on me. But he hasnt ask me out yet. Im quite nervous and sad. Yesterday the boys came for a slumber party. I sat up from my bed and see all of them sleeping on the floor. Joyce is sleeping next to me on the bed. We did a full movie marathon last night. We watched all the Twilight movies. We ate 10 bowls of popcorn, drank 6 big bottles of Coke. Emma was so busy last night. I pitied her and told her to get some sleep that we could take care of ourselves. She went to sleep reluctantly. I looked at Niall who was asleep on the floor. He is so cute even when he is sleeping. I took my phone from the bed side table and tried to wound my way through the sleeping figures on the ground and I reached the toilet. I stood at the toilet door and took a picture of my messy room and everyone and tweeted it captioned "Twilight Movie marathon. 10bowls of popcorn. 6big bottles of coke." I laughed a little and checked my text. There was one text from Uncle Josh. 

Uncle Josh- 10:05AM
Coming back today Honey. Be there in 10 minutes.

I looked at the clock. 10:10AM.." Uh Oh!" I said and went and kick everyone awake. "WAKE UP!! UP UP UP NOW! UNCLE JOSH WILL BE HERE IN FIVE MINUTES!" I shouted. Everyone jumped up and looked at me. They digested my words and all of them started picking up the stuff on the floor and cleaning the room. We finished cleaning up just as we heard the gate open. "Disney Balcony! NOW!" I said loudly and everyone followed me and Niall up the stairs to the Disney Balcony.We acted naturally as we ran downstairs and Joyce and I threw ourselves into Uncle Josh's arms. He hugged me back.

"I miss you so much!" I say. He kissed the top of our heads smile at everyone. "Who are these boys?" Uncle Josh said as we released him. Louis bounded forwards and shook Uncle Josh's hand saying "Im Louis!" The other boys introduced themselves and we all went for some breakfast.Uncle Josh bought some Nandos when Niall saw it he went crazy. I took the Nandos away and said. Sticking my tounge out at Niall. "Uncle Josh only bought for us. Go call them for delivery." 

After breakfast, Niall and I escaped up to the Disney Balcony. I sat on the floor with my MacBook and I was checking my Twitter. Niall was just lying on the floor and looking up at the endless blue sky. I closed my MacBook and look up too."Nice isnt it?" I say lying on my back."Yup."He said. I took a picture of the beautiful sky. It was perfectly blue. White clouds like cotton candy everywhere. 

[Niall's P.O.V] 

So. Sophie's uncle is back in town. I havent really got the guts to ask Sophie out. What to do? What to do? I look at Sophie's figure. Lying on her back, looking at the blue sky. I stood up and pulled Sophie up and pulled her into a hug. She hugged me back. Should I say it now? No. Maybe later. We broke apart and I said "Do you dance?". She laughed and took her MacBook and took me by the hand and we went to her room. She left her MacBook on her bed and then she took some clothes and went to the bathroom and changed. 

"Why did you change your clothes?" I asked curiously. 

"Haha! I wont and wouldn't dance in that skirt. I prefer pants." She said smiling at me. She took my hand again and led me to the basement. I saw a door. She opened it and turned on the lights. It was a dance studio. The most magnificent dance studio. It looked so much like Step Up 3's dance studio. 

"This place looks familiar." I said looking around. 

"Of Course it will unless you didnt watch Step Up 3." She laughed and walked over to the place with the boomboxes. She turned on one of the boomboxes and "Out Of Town Girl by Justin Bieber" came on.

"Do you dance?" She asked me. "Abit. Silly dances." I said laughing. "Watch me? Go sit down."She said.I walked over to the corner of the room and sat down. I watched her as she danced around the room. She is great. She did amazing cartwheels,she did spins for at least 1 minutes before she stopped. I cant describe but she is a great dancer. 

After she finished her dance, she walked towards me and pull me up.

"Come on. Try some ballroom at least?" She said. I put my hand and her waist and we started dancing. It was silly, we were just turning round and round until we got dizzy and fell to the floor. Sophie just fell like bam on the floor, I was shocked. She didnt move, she was only taking deep breaths. 

"Are you okay? Did it hurt?" I say anxiously. 

"Of course Im okay. Imma dancer. I fall like that all the time. And I know how to take care of my head." She said smiling at me. I took a deep breath. "That was stupid."She said laughing. "Yup."I said nodding my head. 

We had fun. 

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