Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


5. Chapter 5

[Sophie's P.O.V]

"Sophie! Sophie!" I hear a Joyce calling me and felt  my bed bouncing up and down.

"Stop It! Let me sleep Joyce." I mumble.

"Wake up Sleeping Beauty." She said.

"Fine! But 5 more?" I mumbled into my pillow.

"The boys are coming now." She said.

"Whatever.Okay. Okay." I said sitting up.I went to the bathroom and wash my face, brush my teeth and I took a bath. After bathing, I went and put on my jeans shorts and a black shirt and went downstairs for breakfast.Once I reach the bottom of the stairs, someone ran and carried me and span me around. I laughed and said "Put me down." I realized it was Louis.

"Hey Louis. I didnt hear you guys arrive. I really didnt know you were here." I said giving Louis a hug. 

"We are ninjas." Louis said acting like a Ninja.I laughed and saw Liam. I really had to talk to Liam. I think I have a crush on Niall. Seriously I havent been expressing it here. But I really have. Like 70% out of a hundred. 

"Liam.. Can I talk to you?" I say.

"Sure. Private?" Liam said walking towards me. I nodded my head and pulled him towards the basement. Once we reached the basement, I turned around and looked at Liam. I look at the ground and said " I have a crush on Niall. 70% out of a 100%." 

"Cool. Niall has a crush on you too." Liam said laughing. Really? Niall has a crush on me too? 

"When did he tell you that?" I say looking at Liam.

"Yesterday." Liam said smiling at me. 

"Liam, I want to know how much Niall likes me. I wanna like Fake Date someone and see his reaction. What do you think about that?" I say. Liam nodded and said "How bout Zayn?" 

"That will be great. Anyways I use to be an actress. Didn't succeed so I became a Model." I said blushing a little. I took out my phone and texted Zayn. 

Zayn. Come down to the basement now please?


Just come down dummy~ :P

I heard Zayn coming down the stairs and I looked at Liam. "Liam help me explain?" "Sure Honey." He said putting one arm around my shoulder. Zayn reached the bottom of the stairs and looked at us. 

"What?" He said. 

"Sophie wants to Fake Date you." Liam said laughing a little. 

"Sure. For what and starting when?" Zayn said. 

"I want to know how much Niall likes me and maybe you go to my room for half an hour and start." I say blushing.

"Great. Zayn follow me. Liam dont tell anyone." I say. I take Zayn's hand and pull him up the stairs with Liam in front of us and then the both of us (Zayn And Me) disappear into my room. 

*Half An Hour Later* 

"Come on." Zayn says putting his arm around my waist. I smile at him and we both went downstairs.

"Why were the both of you upstairs so long?" Louis said pouting a little. 

"Nothing." I say sitting on the couch. Zayn sat next to me, put one arm around my arm and smiled at me. I put one finger on my lips and smiled. Zayn smiled wider and I rested my head on his shoulder. Niall looked at the both of us and I saw a bit of hurt in his eyes. It made me feel bad. 

I acted like I couldnt see Niall staring at me and I leaned up and planted a kiss on Zayn's cheek. He smiled happily and kissed me on my forehead. How much Zayn may act like my fake boyfriend. I see him as my loving brother but now I need to act differently. I got into the lover girl character and I played it well. I leaned my head on Zayn chest and fell asleep. 

[Niall's P.O.V.] 

What?!?! Is this happening? Seriously?? ZAYN AND SOPHIE?!?! NO! THAT ISNT HAPPENING! VAS HAPPENING?!?!? Im really heart broken now. 

"So.. Zayn. When did you start dating Sophie?" Harry asked. 

"Earlier today." Zayn said smiling and running his hands through Sophie's long wavy brown hair. 

"Great one Zayn." Louis Liam and Harry said to Zayn. Zayn just smiled and pulled Sophie so that she was sitting on his lap and her head leaning against his neck. I really got angry but I tell myself I must chill it. 

"I think Im gonna take her upstairs." Zayn said carrying Sophie up (Bridal Style). I watched him walking up the stairs with her and I heard a door slam. I digged into my pockets for my phone but it wasnt there.

"Have you guys seen my phone?" I say looking at the boys.

"Zayn had it the last." Liam said. I walked upstairs to look for Zayn and once I went into the room I got the shock of my life. 

[Zayn's P.O.V] 

Sophie came up with a great idea. She asked me to keep Niall's phone and then she would sleep on my shoulder and I would carry her upstairs with Niall's phone. Then she would listen for Niall's footsteps. She took off her shirt in front of me and jump on the bed. I joined her getting ready for our plan. I hope it works. 

"He is at Josh's bedroom door. He's coming!" She said in a whisper. I took off my shirt and then lied on her bed. She took both my hands and one of them she put in her hair.We heard the doorknob turn and she kissed me. We heard a gasp from behind and turned to see Niall standing in the doorway. 

It worked! He looked like he could die. I animated my face into looking shocked. I knew Niall had a crush on her. 

"Im sorry Niall." I said not looking at him. 

"Zayn! You knew I had a crush on her. Why are you still doing this to me?" Niall said looking angrily at me. 

"So you really have a crush on me?" Sophie said suddenly. 

"Yes. I have one." Niall said looking at the ground. 

"Since when?" Sophie said. 

"The first time I met you." Niall said still not looking up. She jumped up and put on her shirt and stood right in front of Niall and said "You stupid idiot! You should have said it earlier! Then I wouldnt have put up this Monkey Show."

"What? This is a show?" Niall said shocked.

"Yes." She said blushing. 

"Oh." Niall said softly.

[Sophie's P.O.V] 

Great! My plan succeeded. I could jump up and down. I shooed Zayn out of my room and I sat on my bed and gazed up at the ceiling with Niall still standing on at the door. 

"I saw your hurt. Your eyes betrayed you." I said still looking up at the ceiling. 

"Really?" Niall said walking to my bed side and plunking down. 

"Yes." I said as I sat up and leaned my head on Niall's shoulder. 

"I didnt expect you to say you had a crush on me that quickly. I thought I had to drag it for a few days." I said still leaning my head on Niall's shoulder. 

"Oh well." He said.

"So, Are you gonna ask me out?" I whispered into his ear. 

"Maybe." He said mischievously. I pouted and hid my face in my pillow and said "You Lousy Fella!" 


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