Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


4. Chapter 4

[Sophie's P.O.V.]

I woke up very early today. I wanted to say goodbye to Uncle Josh. I went speeding downstairs still in my PJ's. And I saw Uncle Josh at the door almost closing it.

"Uncle JOSH!" I said running to the door. He looked back and saw me.

"Hey honey. I gotta go. Gonna miss you." He said.

"You too!" I said hugging my uncle and kissed him on the cheek.

"Love you." I said waving.

"You too." He said waving back.

After I saw Uncle Josh's car disappear. I ran back upstairs into my room and I dialed Niall's number.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice said.

"Hello Nialler. Do you know who I am?" I said smiling.

"Sophie.. Why so early honey?" He said.

"Oh Sorry Niall. Uncle just left. I got some swimwear from photoshoot last night. I thought about going to the nearby beach here." I said.

"Great. Ill bring the boys now." He said. He sounded alert now.

"Great Niall. Im gonna meet you there. Ill bring Joyce." I said.

"Okay. Bye Honey." He said.

"Bye Potato." I said laughing and shut the phone.

I went to the bathroom and took a bath. Let my hair down, took my purple bikini from the closet and the shirt I wore for the photoshoot last night. I put all of those on and I took a denim shorts and put it on and went to Joyce's room.

"Joyce. We are going to the beach. Uncle Josh left 20 minutes ago." I said.

"The beach?" She said waking up suddenly.

"Yes. Come on. I will be downstairs." I said. I went back into my room and took my phone and went downstairs and sat on the couch. I sat there for a few minutes and Joyce came storming down the stairs wearing the same things as I am but her bikini is pink. We took towels and went to the garage to take my new black colored BMW which Uncle Josh bought for me when I got my license. Then we drove out of the garage and headed to the beach. We reached the beach in at least 10 minutes. Once we reached the beach, I parked my car and we took off our pants and ran onto the beach. I took a picture of the horizon and posted it on Twitter captioned "Loving the beach with @JoyceNicole :)" and I took another picture of me and my sister in only Bikinis and then posted on Twitter captioned "Thank You So Much @seventeenmagazine for the Bikinis. :)" 

We went to the car and waited for Niall. I text ed him a message.

Where are you dumb? Im waiting in my car. Black BMW :P

Nice one. I can see your car. :)

Great! Knock on my window? I duanna come out and look for you. :P

I heard a knock on my window and I saw Niall. I smiled and got out of the car. I closed the car door and locked the car. Suddenly Louis came running to me and hugged me.

"Hey Louis!" I said laughing. I looked at Niall who was just staring at me. I smiled and look at the other guys.

"Hey Guys." I said smiling at them.

"You look nice Sophie." Zayn said.

"Thanks. I got these from the photo shoot last night.You should look at Joyce." I said. After that we went to the beach. Niall wasnt moving so I took his hand and tugged him towards the beach.

[Niall's P.O.V]

Woah! That is alot to digest. I didnt imagine Sophie in her bikinis. Seriously, I jaw dropped to the ground. We had fun at the beach. We went swimming. Then Sophie said " Catch me.." Then she started running. I ran and caught her around the waist and spun her around once and we were laughing. "Gotcha!"

She turned around and hugged me tightly and I hugged her back. "Thank you for being my best friend. I dont really have friends." She whispered in my ears.

"Your welcome. Love you." I whispered back.

"You too. More than you know." She said laughing. Then we broke away because Louis came running and took Sophie and said "Dont do that to my wife." Sophie just laughed and I shrugged.

After the beach we went and had lunch at Nandos. As usual I ate my favorite Peri-peri chicken.


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