Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


2. Chapter 2

[Sophie's Point Of View] 

Yesterday, I hung out with Niall. That was so fun. We had Nandos. I pushed  him into our swimming pool. I got his number. We took pictures. We had fun. 

"Miss Sophie. Breakfast is ready." Emma said poking her head into my room. 

"Okay. I will be down there in 5 minutes." 

I walked to the bathroom. Take a shower and put on my purple jumper made by Joyce with the words "#Swaggy" on it and put on my leggings and tie my hair up into a long pony tail and walk downstairs. 

"Morning Girlie." My uncle says not looking up from him plate of Toast as I sit down at the table.

"Morning Boy. Morning Sis." I say sticking out my tongue at my uncle who looked up.

"Morning Sophie." My little sister says with a cute smile. 

"So, You guys had fun with Niall Horan?" My uncle asked coldly. 

"Umm.. Quite. I had fun pushing him into the pool." I say laughing. 

I look at my little sister and we burst out laughing. My uncle just looked at us like we were crazy. 

"Okay Okay. Im serious now.." I say trying to become serious. My little sister looks at me and we burst out laughing again. We laughed for 5 minutes before we became really serious. My sister and I were wiping my tears from my eyes.After we finished our breakfast, my uncle went to his room, my little sister went to her design room and I went back into my room and took of my jumper and went to my closet and took out my black colored singlet and put it on then I threw myself on my bed and went off like a light bulb. It felt like 2 seconds of sleep then my phone vibrated the song "Thought Of You" and I turned around and took my phone from my bedside table and unlocked it and saw a text message from Niall.

*Hey Sophie. Wanna hang out? Maybe you could meet the boys today and you could bring Joyce.*

*Cool. Where are do you want to meet? My house?

*That should be okay. As long as you dont push me into the pool again. :P*

*Hahhahaah! I wont.*

*Maybe I will push Louis into the pool. ;)*

*Great Idea! Its a deal. Lets do it together.*

*Sure. As long as his phone isnt in his pocket. :O*

*Rite. I will there in 5 Minutes. :)*

*I will be in my room. I wont be waiting for you outside. :P I maybe fast asleep. ;)*

*Alright. Go to sleep love. :)*

After putting my phone back on my bedside table. I dozed off again. I woke up when I heard the doorbell ringing downstairs. I heard Niall's voice coming up the stairs so I quickly closed my eyes and act like Im sleeping. I heard my door open and I peeked through my lids and see Niall looking at me. He walked closer and sat on my bed. 

"Boo!" I said sitting up. He fell off my bed and landed on the floor in shock. I burst out laughing and then the bedroom door suddenly opened and the boys walked into the room and saw Niall on the floor and me laughing my head off. 

"VAS HAPPENIN'!!!!!!!!!" Zayn and Louis asked. 

"Niall.. hahahah! I scared him... ahhahaha! Then he fell off the bed! hahahahahahaah" I say trying to control my laugh and getting off my bed. Niall got slowly to his feet scowling at me.

"I will get you back for that." He said looking at me.

"No you wont!I know all of you." I say looking at everyone of them. 

"Im Sophie Valerie Hutcherson. You guys can call me Sophie." I say.

"Cool. Sophie do you like Carrots?" Louis asked.

"Abit. I like Baby Carrots." I said winking at Louis. 

"Cool! We will be the best of friends." Louis said running to my said and putting one arm around my shoulder. 

"Anyways. Did you guys see Joyce on the way up here?" I say looking at them.

"Nope." Niall said. 

"Good. Imma give her a surprise." I said smiling. 

"Who is Joyce?" Harry asked.

"Oh. My baby sister. But you are not allowed to flirt with her Harry!" I said sternly looking at Harry.

" Uh Oh! You better watch out Harry." The boys said looking at Harry. He blushed abit. 

"Kay Guys. Come on. I think she is in the Design room. She is designing more clothes for me I guess." I say looking at the boys.

"She is a designer?" Liam asked fascinated. 

"Umm Yeah! She is my Music Producer,Fashion Designer and baby sister." I said smiling.

"Follow me. Try to be super quite." I said creeping up the stairs. Once we reached the top floor. I slowly walked into the design room. She was defiantly inside there. The lights are on and so is the Air-Conditioner. 

[Joyce's Point Of View] 

I am in the design room drawing some new clothes for Sophie. I sketched out a light purple dress with flowers at the bottom. I smiled at myself. This will surely look nice on Sophie. The door suddenly opened and then I saw Sophie standing at the doorway. 

"Hey Sis. Whatcha doing?" She said looking at me.

"Gotcha new dress. See this sketch?" I say passing it to her. She took it and looked at it. 

"Fabulous." She said handing it back to me and smiling. 

"I sorta got a surprise for you." She said smiling cheekily. 

"What is that?" I say happily. She nodded her head and I saw Niall, Harry, Louis,Liam and Zayn walk into the room. 

"One Direction." I whispered. 

"Yup. Guys, This is my baby sister, Joyce Nicole Hutcherson. She is 15. And she is my everything." She said putting an arm on my shoulder.

"Oh My Gosh. Im standing in the midst of One Direction. With Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles." I whisper.

"Hey! What about me?" Niall said. All of us laughed and I smiled a little. 

"I was expecting you to scream at us." Louis said. 

"Nah. She fan-girls alot. But she is not the screaming type.She was like this when she met Niall." Sophie said giving my shoulder a squeeze then she got on her knees and looked into my eyes. "Joyce, This is your birthday present okay? They are all yours. Ask them to sign your posters. Go." Sophie said kissing me on the cheek and standing up again. 

"Louis Zayn Harry and Liam, Go follow Joyce. Liam, make sure Harry doesnt flirt with my little sister." Sophie said looking at Harry.

[Niall's Point Of View] 

The boys followed Joyce into her room while I followed Sophie into her room. 

"So, Any plans today?" Sophie said sitting on her couch. 

"Not really." I said sitting next to her. She took her guitar from her guitar stand and started playing.

"Guess this song." She said smiling at me. It sounded familiar. Like a One Direction song. "I know! Summer Love." I said smiling. 

"Yup. I wish I could have someone who will love me endlessly. I dont want to be their Summer Love." She said still playing the guitar. A few minutes passed in silence. I was thinking about it. I love her. I dont know. Im all messed up. Niall Horan. Do you or Do you not love Sophie Hutcherson? I saw her put down her guitar and she put her head on my shoulder and I wrap one arm around her shoulder. 

"You know. I had only one relationship in my life.That was my worse memory. That is why I got all my piercings." She said with her eyes closed. 

"I like them thought." I said touching her piercings on her ears. There were 4 piercings there. Two on top and two at the bottom. 

"Thank you." She said smiling with her eyes still closed.

"Welcome." I said smiling. Minutes passed before I knew she had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I was so bored so I pulled out my phone and went on Twitter. I followed a few fans. Retweeted a few mentions and replied a few fans. Then Sophie moved in her sleep and she rested her head on my lap and then continued to sleep. I smiled and took a picture of her and captioned it " Someone is sleepy." and posted it on Twitter. I got so many replies asking "Who is that?" "She is very pretty." "Natural Beauty." "Who is that Sleeping Beauty?" but I didnt reply them. I signed out and locked my phone and put it in my pocket. I was looking out the window when Sophie suddenly woke up and sat up. 

"Morning Sleeping Beauty." I said smiling at her.

"Morning. That was a superb nap." She said. 

"So what do you want to do?" I say sitting up.

"Have you seen my Studio?" She said standing up. 

"No. Is it like other studios?" I said. 

"No. Its different." She said taking my hand and pulling me towards the door.We walked up to the third floor where we were just now and instead of going into the design room. She keyed in a code on a number pad and we walked into her studio. She turned on the light and I was blown away.

There were 5 guitars,2 keyboards, at least 10 microphones,5 mic stands, the song recording stuff, Beats headphone everywhere, a whole bowl filled with guitar picks, a drum set and most magnificent of all there was 3 complete set of Electric guitars, A purple one, A blue one and a pink one. 

"Cool isnt it?" She said looking at me. She pulled me towards the Electric guitar and picked up the purple one and handed it to me. "Try it. Its quite fun." She said smiling. I took it and played with it like any other guitars. It was very fun. 

"Come On. Lets go. I think its time." She said putting back the guitar and taking my hand. She turned off the lights as we walked out of the studio. 

"Yupp.. Its time." She said smiling at me. 

"For what?" I ask questioningly.

"Youll see." She said pulling me to a balcony. Once we reached there, there was a very large balcony like those in Disney Movies. There were roses all around, and the sun light was so beautiful. She smiled at me and we walked out to the balcony and walked until we were at the edge. 

"Nice isnt it? It wasnt here last time. I asked my Uncle to add it because sometimes when Im sad, I just need to feel like a princess. Eveytime Im sad I wear those dresses that Joyce designed then I would come up here and just sit on the floor and let myself feel like a princess.But sometimes when Im not sad, I still come up here with my guitar or MacBook." She said leaning on the edge of the balcony. She just looks so perfect. Slim body, Long wavy brown hair,Hazel eyes.. She is just perfect! She turned and smiled at me then took out her IPhone and took a picture of herself. 

"Come. Lets have a picture." She said. I walked over and we took a picture. It was nice with the sunlight and roses. We took a few pictures, 1 of them was funny because we made funny faces. 

"Cmon. Lets go see what they are doing. Then maybe lure Louis to the pool and push him in." She said winking at me. 

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