Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


15. Chapter 13

          A/N First off I'm A  new co author so very sorry if this is bad hope it is good enough for you guys (:

(Sophie's P.O.V.]

Daniel and I are going to be staying my old house until I figure out something. Joyce always did this to me but I never really took it too personally but then with Niall it's all different. 

"Mommy, when will we see daddy again" Daniel asked me while climbing onto my lap.

"I'm not sure honey I'm not sure" I told him. I can't imagine how he feels right now. It was already very late so I put Daniel in my bed and got ready for bed. I needed someone in the bed with me. I got so used to sharing it with Niall. Why can't I get him out of my head. Everything leads back to Niall everything uhhhh. 

                                                                                                *THE NEXT DAY*

I got out of bed and noticed that there was an empty space where Daniel is suppose to be. This can't be happening.

"Daniel baby where are you" I called out into the hotel room. No answer at all.

"Daniel sweety don't scare mommy" I shouted this time. I searched and searched the whole entire hotel room. I couldn't find him anywhere. I put on a coat and some shoes then headed down to the lobby. I searched and searched but couldn't find Daniel there either. I decided to call Niall against my will and see if he knew where Daniel was. It didn't even ring once before he picked up

"Sophie where the hell are you, you had me worried sick, I've looked all over high and low" Niall ranted on and on.

I didn't really wanna hear it right now. I was so frustrated that Daniel is missing and I am still angry at him.

"Niall just shut it! - I yelled into the phone -  I can't find Daniel anywhere do you know where he is?"

"Whattttttttt how could you be so irresponsible like that Sophie!" He shouted right back.

"Niall! I was asleep and I really don't wanna hear it right now!" I yelled right back at him.

"Well what do you want Sophie?" He replied so loud that my eardrums hurt.

"What I want is to find my Daniel is that too much to ask for" I shouted back at him nto the phone. I grabbed my car keys and got into my car.

"What's wronggggggggggg now" I heard Joyce's whining voice in the background. It sounded a little cracky. Have they been sleeping together? I bet he didn't even look for me. I bet all he did was call out Sophie once or twice then hopped into bed with Joyce and celebrated.I started the car and waited for it to warm up.

"Look I'm heading there now so we could look for Daniel together" with that I hung up. I drove into the freeway. It took about a minute or two to get into the neighborhood, not long because the hotel is only a couple blocks up. I was just about to pull up into the driveway when I saw someone at the park. Who would be there this time of day. I decided to explore before I saw Niall and Joyce. I wonder who it could be.

A/N: Sorry NiallerAquino! I went and edited abit of your story. :O Pweasy dont be angry at me.. :P Cliff-Hanger..... ;)



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