Crush Doesn't Always Remain A Crush

Sophie Valerie Hutcherson and her sister Joyce Nicole Hutcherson lives with their uncle , Josh Hutcherson. Sophie is a superb singer but only her sister and uncle knows about it. She is a model for Seventeen Magazine. She bumps into Niall Horan while she was playing her guitar at the park one day. They kept in touch. She is starting to fall for the cute Irish Potato. Niall has abit of feelings for Sophie. Will he make the move? Or will she have to make him jealous?


13. Authors note :(

Sorry guys! This is not a chapter.. 

I know I have not been writing since like... 2012... ;( 

I have major writers block and my co-authors are not umm.. writing.. 

Sorry! :( 

I only have 1 more space for co-authors. :)

If you wanna join this competition.. 

Give me one link to your story (I wanna read so I can see if youre good :3) 

Tell me in the comments how you want to continue the story. :) 

Thats all! (: 

Easy aint it? (: 

Good luck! :) 


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