Its Gotta Be You -ON HOLD-

After the heart wrenching breakup of Louis Tomlinson and Charlie Mitchell, they both vowed that they wouldn't see eachother again. Now, both international superstars, will they run into eachother again? What's fate got in store for them this time?


1. Prolouge


Charlie and boyfriend Louis Tomlinson was sitting in a circle, as they were playing a game of truth and dare. Charlie felt it was weird that Louis didn't want to hold her hand, and had been gazing at Rachel, the school slut.

"Kay, Lou, truth or dare?" Mark, the head football jock asked. 

"Dare," Louis replied.

"Kiss anyone in this room," he replied. Charlie smiled internally, knowing that Louis will choose her, after all, they were dating right? What Louis did next shocked everyone, including Charlie. He planted his lips smack on Rachel's. As they pulled away, a tear streamed down Charlie's cheeks 

"L-Louis?" she choked. Everyone in the school loved Charlie, and they sure as hell was sorry for her.

"I've been cheating on you for the last 2 weeks, when I said I was on holiday with my parents. I'm just gonna admit it. I only dated you cause it was a dare. Your ugly, and noone likes you," Louis said, shameless. Charlie stood up, running away.

The rest shook their heads, ashamed at Louis' behaviour, and Rachel just smiled smugly. Each of them ran out of the room. disgusted with the boy, and running after Charlie.

Charlie then vowed in her head, to never run into him again. 

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