Its Gotta Be You -ON HOLD-

After the heart wrenching breakup of Louis Tomlinson and Charlie Mitchell, they both vowed that they wouldn't see eachother again. Now, both international superstars, will they run into eachother again? What's fate got in store for them this time?


2. Meeting the boys

Do you ever feel so alone? I do, and that say's something. Because I'm a singer, but I'm just alone. I sing on my own, live in a huge ass mansion on my own, my friends are dancers and singers, who are normally on tour. 

- 3rd person -

Charlie curled her dark auburn hair, making it fall delicately down her back. She slipped on a blue delicate butterfly dress, with a sweetheart line. She put on her white pumps, grabbed her clutch and opened the door. She had a dinner meeting with a 'huge celebrity' or something.

Flashes erupted from every angle, her bodyguard kept their hand on her lower back, guiding her through the shoving people and screaming fans. She waved at some fans, her eyes sparkling at her fans. Boys fangirled, girls screamed even louder. Noone could blame her, she was prettier then she was in highschool.

Dark auburn hair that reaches to her waist, naturally wavy, grey eyes, with golden around her pupils, sun kissed skin, thick eyelashes, 5'7 and a gorgeous body. Overall, she was perfection.

She exited the limo. Thank god there wasn't any paparazzi. She entered the restaurant, immediately security escorted her to the table.

Inside, Niall was bubbling with excitement. She was, after all, his inspiration. She was ranked the legend at Syco Records, as she's been in the industry for 4 years. As she reached the table, the boys' eyes popped out of their sockets. Louis suddenly felt a tinge, like she was familiar.

Charlie immediately felt a pang in the chest, seeing her ex-boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson and Rachel Turner, they've been together since the incident at High School. 

"Ah, Charlie Mitchell, pleasure to meet you," Simon said, standing up. Charlie smiled sweetly before shaking his hand.

"Pleasure is mine," Charlie replied, sitting down across Liam, folding her legs, as she smiled at him, he returning it.

Rachel smirked at Charlie, having a devious smile on her face, "Omg, crazy charlie is that you?" Rachel's annoying high-pitched voice shrilled. Her head snapped to Rachel.

"What's going on here?" Zayn asked

"Slutty Rachel, is that you?" Charlie retorted, smirking at her shocked face.

"Seriously, whats going on?" Harry asked.e

"We knew eachother in highschool," they said in unison.

"Isn't that right, Lou?" Charlie asked, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

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