Bec was never the popular girl, or the girl who always got straight A's. To everyone else in the world, she was just your average girl. But Rebecca Lawson had a secret, one she had kept for so long that once she turned 18, she felt like she had to tell somebody. Especially after she had befriended one of the most famous boys in the world, Harry Styles.


5. Your Song

Before I knew it, the next day had dawned on me. And no sign of mum or dad...

I woke up and got dressed, into some black shorts, a cropped top saying GEEK on it and a pair of old khaki Converse.

After having an extra long shower, I decided to see go outside for some fresh air. I swayed outside with my headphones in dancing along to Demi Lovato. 

I opened my half closed eyes to find myself in the large courtyard with a pool and a couple tables. I took a seat and shuffled through songs. 

Sooner or later, on came Your Song, by Elton John. I felt a single tear slide down my dry cheeks, this was the song the danced to on their wedding day...

I glanced at my reflection in the glassy blue pool of water. I wasn't the only person within the water, there beside me stood a brown haired boy with chocolaty eyes like mine. I turned to face him.

"Are you OK love?" he whispered, shuffling closer.

"Y-yeah, I'm, I'm fine"  I lied, standing up straight.

"You don't look fine, come with me..." he paused, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"B-bec" I stutter through tears.

"Well Bec, I'm Liam" he says comfortingly.

We slowly walked into what I remembered to be Harry's room. I didn't pay much notice and kept walking along until Liam sat me down on a couch.

I began to gently wipe my tear stained face and barely noticed Harry walk in. It was only then when I realized it was Liam Payne who guided me here. My god, this just keeps getting better.

"Bec, are you OK?" he says, sitting next to me.

"Hey, you don't have to worry, we're here for you" says Liam kindly.

By now, I had actually considered telling them, but then I thought of how messy things would get. I can fight this on my own.

I got up and gently untangled myself from Harry's grip, I walked back to my room rather dramatically. 



Harry and I finally pulled through a small driveway to a nook on the beach. I walked slowly out of the car and noticed the rest of the boys sitting by a bonfire.

There they were, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. They all held thin twigs with a few marshmallows precariously balanced on the ends, toasting away over the fire.

"Hey boys, this is Bec" Harry introduced.

"So your the girl Harry's always talking about" Louis looks up at me.

I notice in the corner of my eye, as Harry blushes a deep crimson. I walk over and sit beside Louis.

"Uh, I guess that's me" I say, looking over to Harry, who looks away quickly.

"Right, I've heard plenty about you" Niall joins in the conversation.

Crap. Harry didn't tell him did he? Liam wouldn't, I know that at least.

I stare intently at Harry, who gives a simple shake of the head ..... Good.

"So, is anyone else coming?," I ask. " In particular, any girls?"

"I don't know, is there any more lady friends of yours to expect Harry?" says Louis cheekily. Typical Louis.

"Shut up Lou, and no. There isn't" Harry says angrily.

"Anyways... Tell us about yourself Bec" says Zayn, changing the subject.

"Uhh, there's really not much to say. I love music, I play the piano, but I'm wouldn't say I'm as great as you guys at singing" I say.

"Hey, piano buddies!" says Louis, raising his hand for a high-five.

I slap his hand and smile at his twinkling blue eyes.

"Can you sing for us?" asks Liam, who's been a little quiet.

"I dunno" I say nervously.

"Come on, it's just us" Niall, his thick irish accent showing fully.

"Oh alright. What song?" I say, giving in to Niall's puppy dog face. 

"Who let the dogs out" Louis says quickly.

"Louis, I'm afraid that's going to be a straight out... No" Harry informs Louis sadly.

"Ooh ooh, sing one of our songs!" Niall says, jumping a little from his seat.

"Ok, which one?" I say, secretly excited to sing to my idols.

"Over Again" Zayn says.

"Yes! Good pick Zayn" Harry agrees.

"Ok, now sing!" Louis cheers.

I jokingly clear my throat and sing the chorus.

" If you'll pretend it from the start, like this, with a tight grip, then my kiss, can mend your broken heart. I might miss, everything you said to me. And I can lend you broken parts, that might fit like this, and I will give you all my heart, so we can start it all over again" I sing.

They all clap and cheer.

"Wow Bec, that was great!" Liam says.

I blush.

"Thanks" I laugh.

"You have an amazing voice" Zayn complements.

"Oh thank you, it really means a lot" I say, walking over for a hug.

We give each other a big 'Horan Hug' and I sit back next to Louis.

"Do I get one?" Louis says with a pout.

"Of course" I say and open my arms out.

Louis wraps his arms around me, a lot tighter than I expected. 

"L-Louis, I c-can't breath" I choke.

"Whoopsy" Louis says after pulling away.

"Don't worry" I say, beginning to recover.

"Marshmallow?" Louis says, sticking them in my face.

"Thanks" I say, tugging one from the weak stick.

For hours, we sat around the fire, talking about anything and everything. By the end of the night, I felt like a carefree girl who just happened to make friends with One Direction. Only, once Harry began to drive me back to the motel, I remembered what my life what really like. Hell. 

I wished I could just feel the way I did at that party. Carefree, happy. 

After another awkward ride home, I went straight to my room and fell onto the bed. In the background, I heard Harry turn on the news. I muffled presenter came on, but it was loud enough that I could hear.

"We've been informed of a missing girl named Rebecca Lawson. Lawson has brown hair down to her chest, brown eyes, tan skin and is approximately 5'6. Lawson hasn't been seen since 3:50 pm on Wednesday. If you have sighted her, please contact 000" says the dull reporter.

Almost instantly after, Harry practically bashes the door down and stares at me in shock.

"Bec, please, why are you on the news?" he says worriedly.

"I-I, sit down..." I say, patting the patch of empty bed beside me.

He shuts the door abruptly and fills the space.

"If you don't want me to, I won't tell the boys" he says comfortingly.

"Thanks Harry" I say quietly.



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