Bec was never the popular girl, or the girl who always got straight A's. To everyone else in the world, she was just your average girl. But Rebecca Lawson had a secret, one she had kept for so long that once she turned 18, she felt like she had to tell somebody. Especially after she had befriended one of the most famous boys in the world, Harry Styles.


2. Sick of It

As soon as the songs finishes, I hear my dad's stomps growing nearer. I quickly take my iPod and place it on the white table nearest to me.

"Ready Becs?" he says, barging through the door on his own accord.

I can't do this anymore. I'm sick of being pushed around dad. I'm just sick of it... If only I could actually say that to him.

"I said not to call me that" I say under my breath, yet loud enough for him to hear.

"Young lady, I can call you whatever I want!" he says loudly.

I crawl onto the bed properly. Why do I deserve this? Can't I just be an every day person for once in my life God?

"D-dad can we.." I say, my voice slowly trembling.

"Can we what? Not do this? Rebecca, we don't have time for this, I told you before, I can do whatever I want with you and your fucking mother is coming home soon. Just enjoy it" he says loudly with a wink.

Enjoy it? My dad has some sort of problem, how the hell will I enjoy this?

"Hurry up, clothes off Becs" he says, clicking his fingers around bossily.

I slowly begin to untie my shoe. I had planned this for a while now, my get away plan you could call it. I stop untying my shoes and run through the open door. I think I caught my dad by surprise and luckily I get enough time to grab the little survival backpack I made from the pantry.

I check over my shoulder too many times before hopping into my little car and drive away. I don't really know where I'm going, just that I need to get away from my abusive father.

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