Bec was never the popular girl, or the girl who always got straight A's. To everyone else in the world, she was just your average girl. But Rebecca Lawson had a secret, one she had kept for so long that once she turned 18, she felt like she had to tell somebody. Especially after she had befriended one of the most famous boys in the world, Harry Styles.


3. Motel Mates

After making sure my dad wasn't on my tail, driving around the city for a couple hours, I gently pull up at a motel on the other side of Melbourne. I had no idea where I was, but I knew my dad would never find me here.

I check in to a room at the front desk and feel the weight fall from my shoulders for the first time. Walking into the small and well kept motel room was like a new beginning. I know how stupid it sounds, a motel giving you a new beginning, but after all I've gone through, this small room consisting of a bed, a small table and a flat screen, seemed perfect. 

As soon as I began to relax a little, I hear a rather loud knock on the door. I hop up from the bed and pull out my headphones. I slowly walk towards the door, listening to the odd noise my bare feet made on the carpet.

I opened the door to find the one and only HARRY FRIGGIN STYLES?!??!!.

"Uh hi, what can I do for you?" I say, wanting to play it cool and pretend not to know him.

"Hi, sorry, I've just run out of loo paper, you wouldn't be able to lend me some would you?" he said in a husky tone.

"Sure" I utter, letting him pass into the room.

"I'm Harry by the way" he says, walking slowly into the bathroom.

"I'm Rebecca, and since your here, why don't you just use my bathroom" I say.

"Oh, thanks but it's not for me, it's for my room mate.." he says awkwardly.

"Oh sorry, what's her name?" I reply.

"Well actually his name is Louis, what made you think it was a girl?" he laughs.

"I-I just thought, because you.. and it.. never mind" I stutter.

"Ha ha, would you be disappointed if there was a girl?" he says, walking out the bathroom.

"No, of course not!" I lie. 

"Really?" he says skeptically.

"Maybe.." I says awkwardly.

"Hmm, well, I've got a toilet situation to get to, but I'll see you soon?" he says.

"We'll see" I say with a wink as he leaves.

"By-yee!" he sings.

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