Bec was never the popular girl, or the girl who always got straight A's. To everyone else in the world, she was just your average girl. But Rebecca Lawson had a secret, one she had kept for so long that once she turned 18, she felt like she had to tell somebody. Especially after she had befriended one of the most famous boys in the world, Harry Styles.


1. Just Once...

A/N Hey Guys, this is my new fanfic. I've pre-written 3 chapters already, hope you enjoy babes:)


I hoped after all that work, I would finally win something. But, as I kind of expected, Julia won the writing competition. She was a brainiac, but I thought Mrs. Holster would have given it to someone else for once. I worked so hard on this, I had defied my mother and father time and time again so that I could spare the time to work on my story, but, yet again Julia had to win. I took my loss with grace, but on the inside I was dying. It just wasn't fair anymore.

I passed through the school gates into my small car and drove off into the setting sun. I slipped my headphones in and listened as Moments by One Direction came on. One Direction were people I felt as though I could really look up to. Their music was great but I wasn't as obsessed with the actual singers as most girls of the UK. Their voices were truly beautiful and someday I wished to be a singer.

I dreaded pulling up to the driveway, but I knew if I wasn't home, my dad wouldn't be happy. I glided to a halt in the garage and pulled the keys from the ignition. I grabbed my khaki backpack and walked to the front door. I didn't have any of my own keys, because my dad liked to know I arrived and he always let me in himself. Everyday for me, was exactly the same. 

Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, sit alone at lunch, finish school, arrive at home, and go through the painful 3 hours before mum comes home.

"Come inside Becs" greets my dad.

"Don't call me that" I say sternly, quickly going upstairs to my room.

"You watch your tone! I have the power over you remember?!" he shouts back.

Not for long dad, I think to myself, I'm turning 18 soon.

I turned the cold doorknob and enter my near empty room, the only thing filling my room is a bed, a shelf that holds my possessions, a bed side table and a small wardrobe.I dump my bag onto the ground and slump onto the bed, turning up the music within those actions. I soak my thoughts into the music as my favourite song comes on, I close my eyes and whisper along with the words.

Am I asleep, am I awake or somewhere inbetween.

I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me,

Or did I dream that we were perfectly intwined,

Like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine.

I always liked to admire their beautiful voices whenever I could, even during dinner. If I could wish for anything in the world, I would wish to meet One Direction. Even if it's only for a few moments, just once, if I could meet them....Wow.

"Just once..." I whisper to myself.

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