Let me heal you. With a kiss

Zayn Malik, the bad boy. After meaningless one night stands he figures he wants real love. When a young beautiful blond boy captures his attention he goes to find love with the boy. The only thing he didn't know? Oh yeah he's a broken boy. Who's bipolar.


3. Zayn's point of view :3

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Zayn's point of view :

I saw the beautiful bright blue eyed boy turn around and walk away. Wow. I can't believe anyone that beautifully stunning would ever cross my path. I saw Harry and that guy Louis?? Go after him. I decided to stay not wanting to look as if I cared for the beautiful stranger. But I felt something in my heart beat faster as his blue eyes connected with my plain brown ones.

I felt a jolt of energy. That's something Really new.

"Hey there sexy" a cracked high awkward female voice said. I turned around looking at a smiling petite girl. With a dress not even covering her bum. And a thong?!? Well then. That's classy-_-
"May I help you?" I asked clearly annoyed with her already. Damn. So much makeup. Wtf man?

" How about we go upstairs and we could help each other out?" She said winking. I sighed.

" No thanks. Clearly I have more respect for myself than you ever will." I responded smiling as I walked out. Whatever. I walked and Walked. 20 minutes later I ended up by a Nandos. I'm pretty hungry anyway. I went inside and ordered peri peri chicken with chips and a coke. As I waited I heard a beautiful Irish accent fill the air.

"Um peri Potato with humus, double breasted chicken wrap medium spice with chips, ummm..and a medium corn on the cob with 5 buffalo wings hot of course and a coke. Eh the usual I guess."

"Wow someone likes their food." I said a bit too loudly.

"Erm.... i know." Said the voice. I turned around to see the blond. My eyes widened.

"Y-you were at the party weren't you??" I asked dumbfounded. He nodded.

"I'm sorry that was rude can I buy that for you?" I asked.

" oh um no" he said quitely

" No I insist. I was bit rude. Wasn't i? Plus I'd like to get to know you." I said paying for my and his meal.
"To take out please." I got our bags and handed his to him. I smiled to him and for the first time I saw him smile. And dear load help me. His smile is like heaven. God I could stare at him all day. We walked out.
"A bit cold there um........."

"Niall Horan" he said. I smiled what a cute name.

"Mah names Zen. I- I mean it's ZAAYN. With an A" he giggled and god that was cute but I just had to giggle with him.
The butterflies fluttered as we giggled.
My stomach felt funny.
This boy will be the end of me.
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