Let me heal you. With a kiss

Zayn Malik, the bad boy. After meaningless one night stands he figures he wants real love. When a young beautiful blond boy captures his attention he goes to find love with the boy. The only thing he didn't know? Oh yeah he's a broken boy. Who's bipolar.


2. Niall's point of view

Niall's point of view:
I walked in the house I was gonna finally meet my best friend Louis Tomlinson's boyfriend. Harry I think.
"Niall! Look there he is!!" He shouted over the loud music pushing past sweaty people dancing and girls in slutty clothes. Louis jumped into a familiar head of curls.
"Niall this is Harry!!! Harry Niall!!" He exclaimed. I looked. Oh my gosh!! I couldn't be!!!
"Hazza!?!?!!!!" I exclaimed. Surprised. Harry looked up at me.
"Nialler?!!?!!!" He said in his slow voice.I hugged Harry.
"It's been quite a while Nialler!! Where did you go?" He said talking about the day I left Bradford for Ireland a couple years back.
"Oh! My mum decided to take care of me for a while but I'm back now!!!" I said remembering clearly when I left in 8th grade. Harry smiled. Lou clearly didn't know what was going on.
"Hazza Bear you know Niall already??" He asked surprised. Harry chuckled and nodded.
"Yea. We were best mates in middle and elementary school!!" He said explaining a bit about our friendship and the lost of contact during the past few years. I felt someone staring at me and looked to see a pair of big brown eyes from across the room looking at me. A jolt of energy rushed through me. wow. His hair was in a perfect quiff and his tan skin complimented his strong jawline. I looked into the strangers eyes and I felt the same thing I did 2 years ago. I looked away ready to leave as the memories came flooding back. I turned around with my head down.
"Niall were are you going?" Lou shouted. I kept walking. Lou turned me around and looked at me.
"Ni what is it?" He asked his expression softening. I felt a tear prickle down my cheek.
"Lou I know you brought me here to set me up with someone but I just think I need some time. I-I just can't right now Lou." I said wiping my tear. I looked into his eyes.
"Okay Ni. Are you going to walk home?" He asked hugging me. I nodded turning around.
"Be careful!!!" He shouted. Gosh. Not like I'm going to talk to a stranger mother!!! I thought. I headed home.
I looked into the brown eyes of my lover. Justin. He smiled and took my hand in his as we walked around the park where we first met. Justin turned around when we heard snickering and laughing.
"Hey faggots!!!" Two of the guys from the football team yelled. I flinched at the words and looked at Justin. He looked at me with sad eyes. He let go of my hand.
"What is it John?" He asked looking at me.
"Why are you with that faggot?he's so ugly and stupid. He has problems Justin leave him before he makes you stupid too!" They yelled. Justin looked at me again. This time eyes filled with disgust.
"Actually John I think you have a point there!! Niall was just a good cockslut for me anyway!" he said laughing with the other guys.He pushed me down on the floor. Kicking me as I fell. I cried in pain as John, Justin and some other kid beat me calling me a slut and a worthless fag. I realised that night of love. It just doesn't exisit.
*flashback over*
I wiped the tears as I entered my flat. Those big brown eyes reminded me of Justin. I want to move on from that memory. But there's something in my mind that won't let me forget it and my feelings go from sad to angry in a second as I feel used and disgusted with myself. I knocked my vase of breaking it with a loud bang. My feelings washed away as I cleaned my mess. So yeah. I gave up on love I mean who would want a heartbroken worthless bipolar faggot anyway?
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