Dear Trent.

Sophia spends a whole year writing to someone that never replies. Her idol, Trent Bell. After Sally Stanley, Sophia's therapist suggests she writes to someone she looks up to Sophia starts to realize how much her Mums death has affected her. But what happens when Tina, Sophia's best friend finds all the letters and decides to mail them to Trent.


2. letter two.


hey guys, heres the next chapter. i hope you guys like it, if not i'll can the story. you gotta leave your comments & tell me what you think? x


Dear Trent. 
I had my second visit with Sally today. She thinks I'm progressing really well, but I dont feel any different to last week.  
Still missing Mum. A lot. I think more now then ever, I just feel lonely and she was the one I felt comfortable talking too.  
There is Tina. But she only ever just wants to talk about Liam. Which I don't mind. Most of the time.  
Dad still looks at me with worry in his eyes. It kills me that I can't reassure him. I tell him constantly that I'm okay but he just smiles and nods. I know he doesn't believe me.  
To be honest. I don't believe myself. I wake up at night crying and then it takes me a while to get back to sleep.  
I thought I saw Mum the other night, sitting on the end of my bed but it was just a dream.  
I look forward to week nights where I can watch you and the boys on xfactor. Liam picks on me, he thinks it's pathetic that Im eightheen years old and still 'obsess over a boy band '. To be honest im glad he does, his the only one that doesn't treat me differently. Like im a ticking time bomb and one wrong said thing will make me explode.  
I really hate the pity stares. 
Wish everyone would just treat me normally, I think you would.

xxx Sophia.

'SOPH! There on!' Liam shouted from downstairs. I felt my feet move before my legs as I bolted down the stairs. 

'THE COLLECTIVE' the xfactor voice echoed and I felt chills race down my spine.  

'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!' I screamed in Liams ear as he punched my arm, hard. 

'oh you little twit' I grumbled, not letting my eyes leave the television screen.  

'I'm feeling sexy & free, like glitter is raining on me' Will started to sing with his angelic vocals.  

'OMG DOMINO!' I screamed once again. Singing along.  

'rock my world into the sunlight, make this dream the best I've ever know, dirty dancing in the moonlight, take me down like a domino'  

Then Trents high note came on and I felt my heart race. I watched the tv screen with great inticapation.  

'oh look, it's TRENT! Oh la la la' Dad came dancing into the lounge room, swivelling his hips.  

Dad knew Trent was my favourite, he was always making fun of me. But I didn't care.  

The boys performance was over and Ronan was up out of his seat with joy and so was I.  

'Soph, don't forget about Sally tomorrow' Dad reminded me, taking a seat on the lounge next to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.  

I have another session with Sally tomorrow. It wasn't suppose to be until next week but dad booked an 'emergency session' because tomorrow is the anniversary of Mums death.  

I really hope Sally won't want to talk about it, but that's what she gets paid to do so I guess she will.


well thats the end of the chapter, please vote & comment, i wanna know what you think. xx


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