Dear Trent.

Sophia spends a whole year writing to someone that never replies. Her idol, Trent Bell. After Sally Stanley, Sophia's therapist suggests she writes to someone she looks up to Sophia starts to realize how much her Mums death has affected her. But what happens when Tina, Sophia's best friend finds all the letters and decides to mail them to Trent.


1. letter one.


Chapter one; Letter one.

Dear Trent. 

God I feel so stupid right now. But dads worried about me and Sally thinks it will help me. Sally is my therapist, as of this week. Sally Stanely, she is always talking about the alliteration of her name, making up rhymes like...  

'Sally Stanley says everything will be happy' & yes, majority of the time they don't rhyme. She laughs anyway.  

Dad told me only a week ago that he booked me in to see Sally. His been so worried about me ever since Mums death. Really, I don't understand why. Its not like I have been showing my emotional side anyway. I have done nothing but sit at home & continuously look up videos of you &the other boys on YouTube. Ok, maybe now I see why his worried. I suppose because I am a teenager, I should be out with people.. Right? But everyone is just so annoying.  

I miss Mum. 

Honestly, I think this was a silly idea, writing to someone I idolise? Its one of Sallys 'Best Ideas Yet!'. That's what she kept saying anyway. Over and over. If this is her best idea, then I wonder what her worst is?

Well, I gotta go Trent, Tina is calling. Tina is my Best friend, but more about her later.  

xxx Sophia.

'SOPH!?' Tina called from downstairs. 

'she's in her room' I heard my baby brother moan as the tv buzzed with noise. 

'thanks Liam' she giggled as she walked up the winding stairs towards my room. Tina had the biggest crush on my brother. He was a only a year younger than Tina and I but I saw the glances Tina gave him and how her cheeks would go slightly red when he spoke to her. Everyone and anyone who meets Liam tells me how gorgeous he is. This is why people barely come over.  

'Soph?' Tina spoke softly opening my bedroom door. I think she is worried she will walk in and I'll be an emotional wreck.  

'hey Tina' I greeted her as she sat on the end of my bed, staring at me intently.  

'I'm fine' I groaned. I hated how everyone stared at me, like I was an animal inside the zoo. So fascinating.  

'I know, I know... But i don't know. I just wanna make sure your okay' she slid closer towards me. Smiling sympathetically.  

'really, I'm fine' I returned her smile before she became even more worried because to be honest. I wasn't sure of I was fine. 

'what's this?' Tina asked as I heard paper crumple underneath her hands. 

'nothing' I snatched the letter to Trent off her as quick as lightening. I couldn't have her reading that.  

'oh ok' she looked upset. Like I just betrayed her. 

'it's a story for another day' I reassured her because I know she thinks I keep things from her, that I'm not entirely honest with her and I know how much that bugs her. After all, she's my best friend. I should be able to tell her things. But when I'm ready.  

'ok, when your ready' and she understood that.

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