Love At First Sight

Rachel was a normal 16 year old girl, her life was perfect. She had everything she could have possibly asked for; a boyfriend, a best friend, and and awesome dad. Then everything changed with the blink of an eye when an incident that happened 2 years ago come back to haunt her.


7. Is This A Dream?

Rachel’s P.O.V

I woke up and felt utterly alone. There was nothing but silence, not even a beautiful song from a bird that flew outside my window. I went to look out my window, only to find a plain, stainless white wall in front of me. The kind you would see in an insane asylum. Even the floor was white. Where am I? I looked back at my bed that was pushed up in a corner of the wall, but it was gone. There was nothing in here just me, and I had no way to leave. Oddly, I was very calm, I wasn’t even scared. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something giving off light in the far corner of the room. I decided to go investigate, as I got closer with each step the shiny object grew clearer. Is that… a phone? Once I reached it and picked it up, it began to ring. I was so startled I jumped up and the phone slipped out of my hand and crashed on the floor. It shattered into a million pieces. I wasn’t too worried about it so I turned around to walk away. As soon as I turned around it began to ring again. “What’s going on?” I said aloud and turned around to find the phone lying on the cold, hard ground. I was scared to pick up at first, but it will probably keep ringing until I answered whoever it was.

I slowly reached down and picked up the tine, silver flip phone. I opened the phone, and put it to my ear. I just listened for what seemed like forever. There was complete silence, not even the sound of breathing came through the phone. “Hello?” I finally decided to say. There was nothing, not one sound. I went to hang up but a noise on the other end stopped me. “Hello?” I said again, barley a whisper.

“Hello Rachel” it was boy, about my age; maybe a little older. He had a fairly deep voice, but it was still young.

“Who is this? How do you know my name?” I was almost too afraid to know, but I had to know. There was a deep, evil and maniacal chuckle on the other end. I recognize that laugh from somewhere… but where?

“Oh my dear sweet Rachel, why don’t you remember me? Your one and only true love?” No, it can’t be. He’s in jail, how did he get out? Stay calm I told myself. This is just a joke, and a cruel one at that.

“It’s not you, it can’t be. You’re in jail.” I reminded him.

“That’s what you think.” I could hear the smirk on his face as he said that. I could hear the line had ended, and thankfully the conversation was over. Then the room began to shake. I reached out to grab something, but there was nothing for me to grasp. I fell backwards and I felt some form of warm liquid trickling down my neck. I reached my hand back to touch it, see what it was. When I looked at my hand it was covered in a bright red substance. Blood; I don’t understand, it doesn’t even hurt? My thoughts were interrupted by the white wall that stood in front of me started to slide to the left at a very slow pace. The room was filled with fog, and I couldn’t see anything. Only the loud sound of someone walking, very slowly, towards me, I crawled to the far wall to get away from the terrifying sound.

The fog began to slowly exit the room, leaving me and this mysterious figure in front of me. He stood perfectly still; he could’ve passed for a statue. He was wearing light jeans with a few holes in them, and a grey jacket that was zipped up all the way. He had the hood pulled up, below his eyes, making it impossible to see who it was. But I knew, and all I could was sit there in shock. I wasn’t even able to blink. “Now do you remember me love?” he smiled a devious smile.

“Leave me alone” I tried to sound intimidating, but my voice was so hoarse it was just a whisper.

“Don’t be like that. I just want to help you.” He walked toward me and touched the warm, sticky, blood on the back of my head. “See, you’re bleeding.” He showed me his hand and I smacked it away from me.

“I told you, leave me alone!” My voice was coming back a little. He grabbed me by the elbow and yanked me up.

“Don’t you yell at me!” he slapped me and I fell back on the ground. He pulled out something black out of I jacket pocket. Only did I realize what it was when he put it to my forehead, it was a gun. “Your boyfriend Niall is next.” Was all he said and he pulled the trigger.

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