When I Fell Hard

Emily Jones is just the girl next door...well almost. She hides behind a smile everyday and cries herself to sleep. She's an 18 year old girl who lives on the beaches of California and abused by her dad all the time. She's just a girl who's afraid too fall in love. When One Direction end up living in the house next door Harry falls for Emily fast. Will he find out her darkest secret? Will she finally fall in love? Find out is this novel.


2. Gone

Emily POV

Im dead. I am so dead. I think to myself as i sprint out the door. My dad is going to legit kill me. "Hello?" i said a bit shakily


"I...I just went over to give the new neighbors a welcome present. I'm sorry it'll never happen again." right after i said that he slapped me. My cheek was burning. Right then I ran up to my room. Big mistake. He knocked down the door and started kicking me in the stomach and slapped me repeatedly. "Worthless bitch." I heard him mutter on the way out. I crawled to bed and cried myself to sleep. 'Help me.' I whispered to myself

 ~Next Morning~

Still Emily POV

I woke up and stumbled down the stairs. My dad left a note probably saying he's going somewhere for awhile. And I was right. The note said, "Dear Emily, I'm going out for a month or so and if i get back and find out your gone i will kill you, don't call the police either they won't help you. 

Love Always Dad." Didn't get the 'Love Always' part since there was NO LOVE once so ever. 'DING-DONG' the doorbell rang. I ran to go get it. "Hey boys whats up?" I think we all know who 'the boys' are right? 

"Nothing much just wanted to say hi...so HI!" I giggled at that. 

"Would you like to come in?" 

"Yeah!" Louis yelled. I'm honestly praying they don't smell beer or anything.

"Lou calm down this isn't our house." Liam said.

Harry POV

I honestly couldn't get Emily out of my head. For two reasons actually. One because she's beautiful and nice and funny and two because i know she's hiding something. She seems really protective of her life. "Hey emily can i talk to you for a sec...in privacy please?" 

"Sure." she replies

"Are you ok? I know we just met not only a day ago but you know you can tell me anything right?"

"I'm fine but thank you for checking and yes i know that Harry. The same goes for me."

"Ok thats good. Well lets get back to the boys. Just tell me if you need me and i'll be here for you." I turned to walk out the door and I could've sworn she said "I need you." but when i turned around she looked at me confused and said "what?" 

"Oh Nothing I just thought you said something."

"Nope. Haha sorry." she giggled. SHE IS SO CUTE, but I'm gonna take my time and not rush into it. As we headed out the door I casually put my arm around her she tensed up but then relaxed. 'What is going on I thought?' 

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