When I Fell Hard

Emily Jones is just the girl next door...well almost. She hides behind a smile everyday and cries herself to sleep. She's an 18 year old girl who lives on the beaches of California and abused by her dad all the time. She's just a girl who's afraid too fall in love. When One Direction end up living in the house next door Harry falls for Emily fast. Will he find out her darkest secret? Will she finally fall in love? Find out is this novel.


1. New Neighbors

Emily POV

I'm Emily Jones and my father abuses me everyday. Ever since my mother died in a car accident he some how thought it was my fault. He comes home drunk every night and kicks and punches me out of the blue. The question is why am i still here? I'm an 18 year old girl and I can just move out right? WRONG. I can barley leave the house and when i do it's to go work at Starbucks or go to the beach and surf and even then I have to sneak out. "EMILY JONES WHAT DID I SAY YOU HAD TO DO WHEN YOU GOT HOME FROM WORK!?!?!"

"You didn't tell me to do anything!"

"I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN UP THE HOUSE YOU SLUT!!!" He kicked and punched me till I could barley breathe. Once I finally caught my breath I heard the garage door. 'Great' I thought. 'Probably going to get more beer.' I thought to myself. I decided to clean up the house which wasn't really THAT messy. Then I realized we're getting new neighbors today. I decided to make them feel welcome with a basket full of food. You know cheesy stuff like that? When i got outside I saw the moving van right away. I climbed up the steps and ringed the door bell and waited until someone came. He opened the door and he had the most beautiful eyes they were emerald and just perfect and his hair was chocolate brown curls and he had dimples which we're just soooo amazing. "Hello love." he said

"Hi. I'm Emily I live right next door and i thought i would bring you a welcome basket." Wow that sounded ehh. Im such a loser, but i promised myself i wouldn't fall for another guy after what my ex boyfriend did to me. 

"Oh thanks babe, would you like to come inside and oh I'm Harry Styles by the way." he smiled cheekily. He was so cute. No emily no don't think like that. 

"Uh sure." I smiled. And before you ask yeah i know there one direction i like there music but I'm not obsessed.

Harry POV

Wow this girl was amazing. She didn't even fangirl when I said I'm Harry Styles! But i could tell she knew who I was by the look on her face. "So Emily would you like to meet the rest of the boys?"

"Sure. Where are they?"

"Oh probably just unpacking. LOUIS, ZAYN, LIAM, NIALL, GET DOWN HERE WE HAVE A GUEST!" Emily seemed to tense up when i screamed, but as he went back to normal fairly quick. I decided to let it go.

"Hello I'm Niall Horan, and the boy in the stripes is Louis Tomlinson, the boy with a bit of blonde in his hair is Zayn Malik, and the boy who is in plaid is Liam Payne." Niall said

"AND WERE ONE DIRECTION!" Louis chanted. I just rolled my eyes. Emily giggled. She's so cute I thought.

"Hi, I'm Emily Jones and I live right next door. And yeah I know who you guys are who doesn't?" She looked out the window and saw a car in her driveway. "Uh guys I have to go maybe we'll meet up later ok?" Why did she seem so scared?

"Ok. Bye Emily!" she then sprinted out the door and ran to her house. I decided to let it go. I still couldn't it get her off my mind. I was falling for her. 


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