Hallie has the perfect life. Her mother and father were happy parents, and so was Hallie. She had nice grades, for her whole highschool life, which meant she was moving. To Great Britian. More specifically. London. Which was where One Direction happened to be staying. In a flat. Next door to Hallie. Until she begins failing her classes and is about to be shipped back to boring old Farmington, Illinois. To help her grades she hires a tutor. Who responds? Well... You'll discover in my first and original Movella!


2. Chapter Two: Intense Car

Hallie was awoke by a young boy being pushed into her seat as people rushed to get off the plane. 'I slept through all of the ride?' The thought, pushing some blonde locks from her eyes. She helped the young boy up and he ran to his parents as they panicky called for him. She grabbed her bags and proceeded to leave the plane.

Hallie checked her watch, which now read 4:00 a.m. 'Wow, two hour flight... Or does the time change when I moved? Well, duh!' She thought to herself. Hallie shuffled towards the clear glass doors with some snow falling just outside. She sat on a bench and pulled out her phone, 'I just arrived, love you.' She texted her mother and father. She went to a car, which had her last name on it, a man sitting inside.

"Are you Hallie Fallon?" The young man asked. His eyes narrowed as she didn't answer.

"Yes. My name is Hallie Fallon. My father is Dawson Fallon, mother is Eliza Fallon." Hallie said.

"I was about to ask that," He said, a small smirk at his lips, "Your father rented this car for you to drive in while you're here." He said gesturing to the very fancy, expensive looking car.

"Wow. Well, can you drive me to my apartment?" Hallie asked.

The man looked confused.

"Oh, right! My flat?" She said, smacking her head like 'Duh'.

"Yes! What's the address?" He asked.

Hallie informed hi of her address and the climbed in driving.

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