Hallie has the perfect life. Her mother and father were happy parents, and so was Hallie. She had nice grades, for her whole highschool life, which meant she was moving. To Great Britian. More specifically. London. Which was where One Direction happened to be staying. In a flat. Next door to Hallie. Until she begins failing her classes and is about to be shipped back to boring old Farmington, Illinois. To help her grades she hires a tutor. Who responds? Well... You'll discover in my first and original Movella!


3. Chapter Three: "It's five o'clock in the morning, and I wa- What the..."

Hallie smiled and looked back at the guy who had driven her back, "Thanks, Josh!" She said grabbing her bags and heading to the house. Josh got out of the car and tossed Hallie the keys and she caught them waving a small good-bye.

As she turned around she heard a voice singing, beautifully, "It's five o'clock in the morning and I want you, and you want me," the guy opened his mouth to speak when he saw Hallie. He blushed and she smiled continuing inside her house.

She lifted the last box of stuff from her car coming face to face with an angry looking black-and-cinnamon haired boy. His hair was ruffled like he'd just been pounced on by a tiger. "You are making a racket and I'm trying to sleep." He grumbled.

Hallie jumped and dropped her stuff, a bunch of pillows fell out of the box and sat on the road. The guy picked one up and rubbed it against his cheek, carrying it to his door where Hallie just realized three boys were standing, all looking quite angry. Hallie waved, feeling embarrassed. They all jumped and turned around as a blonde haired boy stepped out from between them all. Hallie almost died right then. She realized they were One Direction. She noted the piece of pizza in the blonde boys hand, must be Niall, she thought smiling. Zayn was the one stroking her pillow. Harry the curly one, Louis the one who was rubbing his eyes, and Liam, the one looking very pissed. "Hi!" Came a cheery Irish accent.
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