Hallie has the perfect life. Her mother and father were happy parents, and so was Hallie. She had nice grades, for her whole highschool life, which meant she was moving. To Great Britian. More specifically. London. Which was where One Direction happened to be staying. In a flat. Next door to Hallie. Until she begins failing her classes and is about to be shipped back to boring old Farmington, Illinois. To help her grades she hires a tutor. Who responds? Well... You'll discover in my first and original Movella!


1. Chapter One: Here I come London!

As Hallie kissed her mothers soft cheek and hugged her father tightly the speaker buzzed to life, "All boarding London; 2:00 a.m. Please head to your boarding stage." As the woman spoke a green arrow flickered to life and the doors beneath it opened, revealing the path to plane 89.

Hallie looked back to her parents, "Bye! I love you!" She called waving and walking away. Her mother was crying, her father hugging her mother. She smiled before the doors shut behind her.

After she boarded the plane a speaker screeched to life, "Welcome," a dull voice buzzed through the speaker, "This is plane 89. Thank you for choosing Direction One airport, enjoy the flight." Then there is a smack and the speaker does again. She sighs. Hallie drifts off to a deep sleep as the flight attendants said something about safety.
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