Hallie has the perfect life. Her mother and father were happy parents, and so was Hallie. She had nice grades, for her whole highschool life, which meant she was moving. To Great Britian. More specifically. London. Which was where One Direction happened to be staying. In a flat. Next door to Hallie. Until she begins failing her classes and is about to be shipped back to boring old Farmington, Illinois. To help her grades she hires a tutor. Who responds? Well... You'll discover in my first and original Movella!


4. Chapter Four: Hello, Horan..

Hallie slowly turned around her blue-and-gold eyes shut. "Heeey..." She said quietly. Hallie was admiring his blue eyes when his Irish accent voice replied, "Hi! I'm Niall Horan!" He said smiling. "I'm Hallie Fallon..." Hallie said, pushing her brown locks from her eyes..
"Pleasure to meet you..." Niall said smiling.
"You too. Quick question, are you always up this early?" Hallie asked with a tight smile. She had school early and she had to get up even earlier for her guitar and vocal workings.
"Only on Saturdays. Normally I sleep in and get a big breakfast." Niall said cheerily, blue eyes shinning.
"Kay. Well I will see you guys around." Hallie said heading towards her house and grabbing her last box. She came back out to collect the pillows Zayn had scattered but saw Niall clutching all of them. She giggled and went over t help and they both reached for a pillow, hands brushing. Her cold hand was small compared to his large warm one. She took the pillows, "Thanks Niall." She said heading inside. Blushing madly.
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