The Vampire Diaries Remake

This Movella is a REMAKE on the 4th season of TVD, on how I'd make it, if I were the writer.

Elena Gilbert, an 18 yr. old teenage girl, who has been through so much.. Her parents dying off the Wickery Bridge, her aunt Jenna who 'Technically' adopted her and her brother, Jeremy after that incident, dies from a Vampire attack to save Elena, Jenna's boyfriend, Alaric, also Elena's teacher offers to take care of them but then he dies from being turned into a vampire, then being stabbed with a wooden stake. She finds out the love of her life, Stefan Salvatore, is a vampire. In the end of Season 3, Matt drives Elena off the Wickery Bridge because someone... Someone both Matt and Elena know very very well, was in Matts way of driving. Elena tells Stefan to save Matt, and not her, when he comes under water to save her, for the 2nd time. He refuses, but then she makes him save Matt. When Stefan comes back, it's too late. But, Elena has Vampire blood in her system. how will this affect Stefan?


1. A/N

Sorry guys, it's really late, so I'll post ch.1 tomorrow after school! Thanks, xx ~Danny

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