Just One Of The Boys

Zayn Malik's bestfriend , Jenna Marie , is going to visit and acompany Zayn through out his worldwide tour . All of the boys were asked to bring their bestfriend but Jenna Marie stood out the most . Especially to Niall and Harry ...


1. Epilouge

" I Can't believe it ! Are you sure Zayn ? You can still change your mind ! I wouldn't get hurt ! Okay ! I'll Pack The fastest That I can ! " Beep ! My bestfriend who i hadn't seen for months had just asked me to go with him on his Take me home Tour ! If you havn't figured it out yet , I am talking about Zayn Malik One of the members From the band One direction ! Zayn and I have known eachother ever since we were in diapers ... literally ! Ever since that nurse put us in that same crib we be became unseperable ... well that was untill he became famous . When he was in the XFactor Uk we still talked , but then he became extremely busy with his concerts . I mean i don't blame him , on the contrary i'm extatic for him ! He is living his dream and he is happy so i couldnt ask for anything better for him . And now not for me either because i was going on tour with him ! I finally had a chance to meet all his bandmates ... but i was really foward to meeting Niall .
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