The love plan

Kay is so fed up of her husband Alan,she cant even bare to be in the same bed as him but he is a wealthy man.
She is seeing Brian and in order to live a good life together they plan to kill Alan and make it look like an accident.


1. Full short story

The love plan


Kay slowly came out of her deep sleep, she could feel Alan stirring besides her, as she slowly came to she realised that today was the day. She turned over and faced her husband, he smiled at her, his piggy little eyes set in the fat round face, his hair nearly all gone just silly little bits round the sides of his head, he had been so handsome at one time she thought.

He reached down and took her hand, she forced a smile back at him, and little did he know she thought to herself.

“How is your hand my darling”, she looked at the cut on her hand,”Ok honey”, she replied to him smiling. Kay had cut her hand yesterday while preparing the dinner, probably because she was so happy and nervous at the same time.

She had found it hard to concentrate on the job at hand; the knife had slipped as if it had a mind of its own and cut a thin line across the back of her right hand.

Alan got out of bed and began to get dressed for work, Kay looked at him with contempt, how she hated the weedy Alan, when this was all over she would start her new life.

She stayed in bed and could hear Alan moving around downstairs, and then the front door closing behind him, she got out of bed the day felt good to her.

One good day followed by many more to come in the new life of Kay Reid, she slowly got dressed humming to herself, Kay was still a good looking woman unlike her husband she had kept herself in good shape down the local gym. She had blonde hair and no sign of grey, at forty she still got admiring glances from the young men down at the gym.

She sat by the phone in the living room, her heart beating fast in her chest, it felt like a wild beast trying to rip out of her.

She could wait no longer and punched out the numbers on the hand phone,themobile phone was picked up at the other end”Brian”,Kay said into the hand set, she paused as Brian spoke to her.

She nodded her head as she listened to the man on the other end, waiting for her chance to speak, “Alan left for work, today is the day Brian”, she said in a nervous voice, hoping for the right reply.

She smiled her hand slightly shaking as she held the receiver, “Good”, she said into the phone sighing with relief, then she spoke the words, “I love you too Brian”, she switched off the phone.

Kay sat back on the sofa and let out a long breath of air, for some reason she couldn’t believe that things were going to plan. No more boring Alan after today, Alan who liked to stay in and watch videos all night.

Alan who always got take away’s delivered at the weekends instead of taking her out for a meal. Alan who wouldn’t say a word back to her when she ordered him about, do the washing Alan, make the dinner Alan, yes dear, yes dear, he was such a weakling.

Kat didn’t have any respect for men like Alan; she liked strong minded men, a man who would talk back to her, a man like Brian.

Kay had loved Alan at first of course and they had many a good years together, he was a wild man when they had first met, he loved to party. Then the man she loved seemed to fade as the years passed and in his place was Alan mark two, married old boring Alan.

The only good thing Alan could do now for her was to leave her with a nice lump sum of money, plus the house.

It was funny how things could change; she had been seeing Brian for two months now and her heart raced even more at the memory of their passion together. Once she had the money, she and Brian would go on a long holiday, sell this house and buy a new one and get married of course.

She wondered how long after Alan’s death she should wait, a couple of months seemed like a good idea, that wasn’t to bad and in that time she would still be seeing Brian very discreetly of course, she didn’t want to mess things up.

Kay got up from the sofa and walk into the large kitchen; she put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea and then turned on the radio.

She smiled and started to sing along to Foreigners song playing on the radio station, it reminded her of Brian, “I want to know what love is and I want you to show me”.


Alan drove his Bmw slowly through the London traffic, never going above the speed limit; he ignored the car horns behind him as he let two young girls cross the road.

He drove his car into the building yard, his pride and joy, he stepped out and locked the door and set the alarm, even through the yard was only for employees and they were all his mates, but you never know.

He put on his hard plastic hat and walked into the portable office, he sat down putting his hands behind his head. He wished he knew what was going on with Kay, she seemed so distant lately, and he would take her out one day this week for a nice slap up meal.

Of course he knew Kay was a bit of a flirt with other men, she was a good looking woman and he knew she fancied Brian, talk about making it obvious. He would make more of an effort to be a better husband to her from now on.

He didn’t want to lose his wife, especially not to some one like Brian who worked for him on the construction site; he was lost in deep thought.

He was startled out of his daze by Dave, his second in charge; “Not going for a coffee break boss”; Alan and Dave always took their coffee outside and sat on the steps of the building they were constructing for a quiet cigarette.

Alan shock his head, “Not today mate I will just sit here”, Dave shrugged he didn’t really like Alan too much any way if the truth be known. He would rather sit on his own having a fag than listen to Alan going on about his wife.


Brian who was on the tenth floor of the new hotel they were building looked down and saw Alan with his yellow hard hat walk out of the office. He slowly started to untie the ropes that held a pallet of bricks as the figure sat down in his usual place for a smoke.

The rope was stuck fast, Brian cursed to himself, he got out his Stanley knife and began to cut the rope, and he didn’t have time to fiddle with untying the damn thing.


Kay had made the dinner for tonight, when the police came every thing had to look normal. The front door bell went and she nearly fainted, she was so on edge, she breathed deeply and ran a hand through her blonde hair then composted herself and walked towards the front door.

She stood open mouthed the colour draining from her face, Alan was standing on the door step. He moved past her and went into the living room, “I need to have a drink some thing bad happened at work”.

Kay caught some of the words and they hit her like a hammer blow, Accident at the site Dave Wilson killed, Brian arrested, police found a rope had been cut, Brian seen on the tenth floor, his knife found.

The world then went black for Kay Reid as this time she really did faint.


The end


C Robert Paul Bennett 1996/2012

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