The killing game

When young Emily is killed her murderer soon follows suit,who is killing the men that prey on women.
Is someone after revenge,as the killings increase the police become hard pressed to solve the case.


1. Full short story

The killing game



The man moaned as he pumped into the young girl beneath him, he was a fat man and his rolls of fat moved like waves as he fucked the girl.

He had always paid for sex and seeing this new young girl had drove him wild, he put his hands round her neck and squeezed, the girl began to choke as he put more pressure on.

Soon she lay still and the man groaned as he came inside his condom, the curtain moved but it was not the wind, there was no wind on this still night, a figure looked into the room.

The man quickly dressed, he put the condom in his pocket, he didn’t mean to kill the girl it had been a moment of lust, and he got rid of all the evidence and moved out of the room, looking one last time at the naked girl on the bed.

As he opened the door, a figure stepped forward and plunged forward, the shape knife went into the man s forehead, he starred in shock and then collapsed to the floor, the figure took out the knife and blood spurted across the floor.

The figure moved away from the house and moved off into the night.


The funeral for the young girl named Emily was a large one, she had been well liked, it had shocked the local community when they found out she was a prostitute and had even hired a house to bring her clients back to.

She had been such a sweet girl folks would say, how had she got mixed up in prostitution, but the community turned out in force to see one of there own buried.

Dave was by far the most shocked, he had loved his sister dearly and to find out that she had been on the game was devastating for him, he cried at the grave side not believing that he would never see his sister again.

Back at home that night, his mother was sound asleep in the next room, Dave sneaked into his sister’s room, and he opened the wardrobe and began looking through her clothes.

He dressed up in his sisters clothes, he wore her tight little panties almost not big enough to hide his massive erection, he put on the blonde wig his sister had once worn to a party and looked at himself in the full length mirror.

He liked what he saw, he was so turned on, he started to put make up on his face, lip stick and eye shadow and he powdered his face, he could almost pass for a woman.


The man was well turned on already as he drove down the narrow road, his was a known spot for hookers and that’s just what he was after.

He was a married man and had been for thirty years but in the last four years his wife didn’t want to know about sex, so he had often drove down this road to pick up some slapper for his pleasure.

He was well known to the hookers now and he had fucked most of them, his favourite was Lilly but he couldn’t see her tonight, he saw Mandy the black girl and pulled over.

“Hello Sidney how are you tonight love”, Mandy said to him.

He smiled at her, “I am fine darling do you want to get in”, and he opened the car door for her.

She climbed in besides him and he drove round the corner, there was an old warehouse and that’s where he parked up inside, most of the hookers used his place.

He got his large erect cock out and rubbed it, “I fancy a blow job tonight Mandy”.

She smiled at him in the light of the car, she took out her chewing gum and placed it on the dash board for later, and she bent down and took his cock into her mouth.

It was a hot night and he had his window rolled down, he leaned his head out of the window and moaned in pleasure, he didn’t see the blonde haired figure creep up behind him, the figure flexed the cheese wire between its hands.

The wire went over the mans head and the figure pulled, the man gasped in shock and tired to pull the wire away but it bit into his flesh and cut through his jugular vein, blood poured liked a fountain into the car.

Mandy moved her tongue around the head of his penis then heard him gasp as she came up to see what the matter was a fountain of blood caught her in the face, she looked at her red hands and screamed.


The police cordoned off the scene, the ambulance had taken away the body of the man, the black hooker was still crying, what a mess bloody cheese wire, this freak had to be caught fast.

What with the double murder of young Emily only a few days ago, this town was becoming the murder spot of the Kent countryside.

“I didn’t see no body”, the hooker sobbed.

“Okay darling tell me what happened”, Alan put his hand on the girls shoulder, “Just one last time okay”, he said soothingly.

She nodded okay at him and dried her eyes, “I was giving Sidney a blow job he was a regular here”.

She paused and gulped, “I heard him gasp and as I looked up a fountain of blood hit me, I think I saw blonde hair and then the person had gone”.

“Blonde hair okay love that’s enough for now”, he pattered her on the shoulder once more.

Alan was going to find this killer, it could be the spring board to being promoted, and yes he needed this case.


Jack fucked the hooker in the back of his car, she was a bit of an ugly old dog but he didn’t care he was as horny as hell, he came for the second time and sat back, the hooker arranged her clothes and he paid her, she left the car and walked off down the street.

He was spent now, that had been a lot better than he had expected, and the old ones knew all the tricks, yes she had been good.

He had a girlfriend who he lived with but having sex just once a night was no good to him any more, he was just one horny son of a bitch and he needed more and more sex.

He opened the back door and climbed out of the car, he stood there and done up his zipper on his trousers.

The blow smacked him on the back of the head; he went down on his hands and knees trying to shake away the cob webs in his brain.

The blonde figure hit him again and again with the hammer, blood pooled around the mans head as the blows rained down on him.

The figure dropped the hammer and turned and walked away into the night.


Alan cruised the streets the next night, another bloody murder this time with a hammer, he had more men out on this night and he hoped the killer would strike again.

He got the call around midnight, he pushed the answer button on his mobile,”Yes”,he said the voice on the other end spoke to him, he closed the phone and put it back into his pocket.

They had spotted a blonde woman getting into some punters car, they were following them now, Alan put the car in gear and moved off, and they weren’t that far ahead.

Jackson pulled up on the other side of the street, he saw his boss pull up behind him, they watched as the blonde got out of the car and moved towards the house the man close behind.

This was the house where that young girl had been strangled and the man killed with a knife in his head, why had the killer come back here.

 Alan stood on the front door step, he motioned for his men to go round the back, Jackson stayed with him, “Two minutes and we brake in the door, give them time to get round the back”, he said to Jackson.

They waited a while then Alan gave the word, Jackson stood back and kicked the door, he was a large man and the door gave way first time, the two men rushed inside, they could hear noise’s from up stairs and rushed up to the landing.

They moved off towards the light of the bedroom, they could hear the back door being kicked in and the men down stairs rushing into the house.

Alan pushed open the door and they saw the blonde stabbing the man on the bed over and over again, blood was every where, “Hold it police”, Alan shouted the figure dropped the knife she was naked from the waist up.

She smiled at Alan and took off the wig, he knew the woman, he gasped as he realised it was the young girl Emily’s mother.

“I am glad you caught me otherwise I would have just kept killing these sleazy bastards, no amount of killing can make up for the loss of my beloved daughter”, she held out her hands to the policemen.


The end


C Robert Paul Bennett 2012

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