Don't You Remember?

Jessie Owens is like any other teenager. At the age of 4, she met her best friend Harry Styles. They made a pact to stick together forever. When Jess turned 10, her parents moved her to America. Now she's just turned 18 and is going back Holmes Chapel for college. They will remember each other right? Continue reading and find out their struggles and fantasies.


3. Missed Me Much?

-Harry's POV-

"Uughhhhh!" I groaned. I was so sick of all these stories about me dating Cara and hooking up with a 13 year old. I turned the tv off and went downstairs. "Hi honey! Everything alright?" my mum asked. I nodded my head and leaned against the island. "Aw. Nothing looks okay. What's wrong?" she said coming over to me. "Nothing. I'm tired of all these stupid stories, that's all." I shrugged. "Mum?" I said looking into her eyes. "Hmm?" "Do you think Jessie is okay? I mean, do you think she still thinks about me?" I asked. Her eyes grew. "Well, I think she does. I'm sure you have to run through her mind every once in a while." she smiled, pushing my hair out of my eyes.

"When did you start thinking about her again?" she asked. "I've never stopped." I replied. I put my shoes on and walked outside. I stood facing Jessie's old house. Nobody has lived there since she left. The owner loved Jess' parents and was picky about anyone else living there. Eventually he got tired of holding off, so recently he put a sign up. I sighed and crawled through the little opening in the fence me and Jessie made when we were little. I don't know why, but I wanted to go inside of the playhouse that was left behind. I pulled myself inside and crawled on my hands and knees to the back corner. I pulled my knees to my chest and leaned my head back, closing my eyes.

"I don't know who you are, but you have 5 seconds to leave!" someone said from the far end of the hut. My eyes flew open. I turned the battery operated lantern on beside me so I could see more clearly. It was a girl. She was at least 5'5, blue-gray eyes, long blonde hair and freckles along her cheek bones and nose. She had the picture me and Jessie drew on her fourth birthday in her hands. There was no way this stranger would take it! "Give me that picture." I said sternly. She looked down at the picture and back at me. "No. It's mine, just like this hut is mine. Now get. Out." she said, her eyes narrowing. I was getting frustrated now. "I drew that with my bestfriend when we were 4. Now hand it over." She looked at me. Tears filling her eyes. "H-Harry?" she asked. "Yeah..?" Her hand moved to her mouth. "It's me. Jessie." she managed to choke out.

No way. This couldn't be her. This girl I studied her features and sure enough, it was my Jessie. I jumped out of the hut thinking she'd follow, but when she didn't I poked my head back in. "Aren't you coming?" She laughed and crawled out. I grabbed her waist and sat her on the ground. When she finally looked up at me, I was blown away. The girl I've been waiting for was right here infront of me. Jessie had tears running down her cheeks. I gently cupped her face and took my thumb to wipe every tear away. "There. All better Jess." I cooed.

She smiled her dazzling smile before wrapping her arms around my waist and burying her head into my neck. I was shocked at first, but then remember how it felt everytime I hugged her way back when. I rubbed up and down her back. "I-I've missed y-you, Harry." she stammered. "I've missed you too, Jessie." I said cheerfully. When we broke apart, I couldn't help but ask, "What are you doin back here?" She giggled and sat down in the grass and patted the spot next to her. Naturally, I did what she said. "I moved back here. I got accepted into the University. Right now I'm staying at my aunt Sienna's. Later this week I'll be searching for a flat." she explained, plucking small blades of grass.

Those words just made my day. "So. You're back. For good?" I asked happily. She nodded. "Good." "Good." We both laughed. "So," I started again. She layed back, staring up at the sky. I followed her before finishing, "How's your family?" She sighed. I could feel her tense up beside me. "Well, a month after we moved to San Diego, my dad was..." but she trailed off. I grabbed her hand and her head turned to face me. She smiled and took in a breath. We always did that when we were kids. If one was scared, we'd grab the others hand to let them know it's okay. "He was killed in a car accident. A year later my mom ran into an old friend, fell in love and now that man is my step-dad. He's good to us. And Alex, he's grown up so much. He's 12 now you know. Has hair just like yours." she giggled while ruffling my hair.

Her face went serious again. There was something she wasn't fully telling me. "Jess?" I asked. "Yeah?" "Is everything okay?" "Yeah. I've just missed this place. A lot." she sighed. The summer sun was being replaced by clouds and I knew in any minute it'd start to rain, but I didn't care. Let it pour. As long as Jessie was with me, I didn't care about anything. "How about Anne and Gemma, Harry?" she said, breaking the silence.

"Their great! You should come see them." I offered. She giggled. I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. I felt Jessie's cold fingertips trace the outline of my star tattoo. "What's this for Harry?" she asked. Should I tell her? I was afraid that she'd get mad about me having four new bestfriends. Just as I got ready to speak it began to pour down rain. I watched Jessie as she giggled. I stood up and reached down for her hands. She grabbed them and I pulled her up. "Let's go inside!" I shouted over the roar of the rain. She nodded and ran behind me. We climbed through the gap and ran up the stairs inside my house.

I put my finger up to my lips signaling her to be quiet. "Mum are you and Gemma in the kitchen?" I asked. "Yes sweetie. Is everything okay?" my mum replied. I walked in. "Yeah, but I need you both to close your eyes. I have a surprise." I smiled. "Harry? Are you feeling well?" Gemma asked. "I'm fine. Now, shut your eyes." I ordered. When they closed their eyes, I went back to the hall and grabbed Jessie's wrist.

I nodded at Jess and she grinned at me. "Hello mum number two, sister number one." My mum's and Gemma's eyes flew open. "Jessie?" my mum breathed. "Jessie!" Gemma screamed. They both pulled her into a group hug. I covered my ears because they were all laughing and shouting. When they were done, I could see more tears visible in Jessie's eyes. "We've missed you and your family so much!" mum said. "We've missed you guys!" Jessie said. She filled them in on everything before walking over to me. I pushed out the chair next to me so she could sit down. "When did you get here?" Gemma asked. "Around 10. I've been at Sienna's house all day." she smiled. Jessie threw her legs across my lap.

Yep. Same old Jessie. I liked it though. We were the kind of friends that would hug each other, hold each others hand, sit on the others lap, kiss each others cheek. Everyone knew we had a tight bond. "Well, why don't you stay for dinner? It's almost done!" mum offered. Jess hesitated, but then agreed. I had my arm around the back of her chair when she turned to me again. "Harry, you never answered my question." she said pointing to the star on my arm. It's now or never. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her up to my room.

"Do you not know about the boys?" I asked. She raised her eyebrow and shook her head. I told her to sit  on my bed and closed the door. I pulled up the X-Factor shows and explained it all to her through YouTube videos. Her face switched from happiness to nothing with every video. At the end I turned to her. "Well?" I asked. When she didn't reply, I was afraid I had lost her for the second time. "Jessie??" I watched as a smile spread across her face. She jumped in my lap and threw her arms around my neck. "I knew it! I knew you'd be famous! I'm soooo proud of you Harry." she laughed.

"So you're not mad about the boys?" I asked. "No. They're boys. You need them. As long as I get to keep being your best girl friend, I don't care." she smiled at me sweetly. "You're the best Jessie." I said. "I know." she giggled. "Wow. You're not modest at all, huh?" I teased. She smacked my arm. "Shutup, turd face." "Fine. I won't talk to you anymore." I said, crossing my arms. "Nooooo! I'm sorry! Iloveyou." she pleaded. "I'm sorry. What'd you say? Did you say you love me?" I winked at her. "Ugh! Now I hate you. I've been eight years without you!" she huffed.

"You don't hate me. You loooove me." I laughed. "Nope." "Yeah." "No." "Do so!" "......Yeah. So earlier, I was walking through the airport when a bunch of girls knocked me down. Liam, I think it was, helped me up." "I remember him talking about that! We were all waiting for Zayn and Niall to come through the gate and we got attacked by the girls. Crazy, huh?" She just smiled and nodded.

*An hour later*

"Thanks for dinner Anne! It was delicious as always!!" Jess told my mum. "Anytime sweetheart! You're always welcome here. You still have our spare key, don't you?" Jessie nodded. "I think I should get going now. Thanks for everything. It was absolutely wonderful visiting again!" she said before turning towards the door. "Wait, Jess. Let me drive you." I said. She smiled and followed me to my car. I opened the door and helped her in before closing it. When I got in she started laughing. "Aw, look who turned into a gentlemen." she teased. I rolled my eyes and backed out of the driveway.

Once I got to Sienna's house, we just sat there. In utter silence. "Thanks Harry." Jessie said. "Anything for you." I smiled. She leaned over and gently kissed my cheek. I looked at her when she pulled away. "Sorry. I guess I've just really missed you.." she blushed. I chuckled. "You know I don't mind, babe. Call me if you need anything, okay?" She nodded keeping her eyes on her feet.

"You okay?" I asked, suddenly worried. She had that same look on her face like she did when she was getting ready to leave for America. "Y-yeah. No. I'm fine. I was just thinking. Don't worry." she forced a smile. "Okay. How about I come pick you up at lunchtime tomorrow? We can mess around. Just me and you." "Sounds great, Harry." Just as she opened the door, I grabbed her wrist. "You can't hide what's bothering you forever Jess. Not from me." She gave me a weak smile. "Night Harry." she said. "Night Jess. Love ya." the words came flowing out of my mouth. Old words, great feeling. She shut the door and blew me a kiss before heading inside. It felt good to have her back.

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