Don't You Remember?

Jessie Owens is like any other teenager. At the age of 4, she met her best friend Harry Styles. They made a pact to stick together forever. When Jess turned 10, her parents moved her to America. Now she's just turned 18 and is going back Holmes Chapel for college. They will remember each other right? Continue reading and find out their struggles and fantasies.


1. Reminiscing Flight

-Jessie's POV-

"Yes mum. I've got everything." I said. I was getting rather irritated with all of her questions. Do you have your phone? How about your clothes? Do you have enough money? Are you sure you're alright? I mean I'm eighteen. I'm not a baby! "Okay. Only if you're sure. Are you fee-" "Sarah, honey. She's fine. Give the girl a rest already." chuckled my step-dad, Dale. My mum, dad and Dale were all good friends in high-school. Dale did the thing I'm doing. Leaving and starting over somewhere else. He left England after highschool and came to America for college. I'm doing the exact same, only opposite. When my mum and dad packed me and my brother, Alex, up and moved here, everything started getting bad. My dad was going to work one day and was hit by a car. We had only been in San Diego for a month too! I shuddered at the sight of him in the hospital. My dad died 38 hours after the crash. My mum and Dale ran into each other and fell in love a year after. Dale has been the best step-dad. I couldn't ask for anyone better. "Jess!!!!" they all yelled. I snapped out of my thoughts immediately. "You're gonna be late!" Alex said. I looked at my watch and realized I had 10 minutes before my flight left. I gave Dale a hug and ran into the arms of my mum. I had to pry her off of me.

Poor thing, I thought. I gave my 12 year old brother hug and ran down the tunnel. I got half way through it before turning around and shouting, "I love you!" before taking off again. I climbed the steps of the plane and looked for a seat inside. I sat on the left side with the last remaining window seat which was located above the wings of the plane. "Yessss!" I whispered to myself. My family stood watching me behind the glass windows. My mum sobbing into a Kleenex, Dale hugging her shoulder and my brother smiling at me. I waved at them just as the plane began moving. This is going to be so much fun!! I'll be staying at my aunt Sienna's house for a few days. At least until I can find an apartment. See it's only summer so I have about 3 months before I become enrolled at the University close by.

I put my headphones in and snuggled down into the seat knowing I had a long time to go. I sat reminiscing everything about England. The cookouts in July, summertime masquerades, snowballs fights in December, everything. I remembered on my fourth birthday party my mum invited all of her friends kids from the office to come. One lady she was particularly close with my mum, had helped us move into a house next to hers. Her name was Anne. Anne had a daughter named Gemma and a son named Harry.

I laughed at thought of Harry. Anne brought the both of them over for my party. I remember running around with all the kids when Harry and I ran right into each other. We layed there and laughed for a bit. When I got up he looked at me and smiled. I was smitten from the start, but he'd never know it. His mop of curls and emerald green eyes. Don't even get me started on his dimples. "Harry, what do you say for running into Jessie?" Anne scolded. Harry put his head down and sighed. "Sorry Jessie." I nodded and then Anne returned talking to my mum. "Harry?" "Yeah?" "Wanna come up to my playhouse?" I asked, pointing at the wooden hut. His eyes twinkled as he nodded. I took off running with Harry following after me. I struggled to get in because I was so little. Harry pushed me out of the way and climbed in. As soon as I started to storm off, I saw a hand reaching down. I grabbed it and we both put everything we had into getting me inside.

Pictures lined the walls and in every corner were toys. "Whoa.." Harry gasped. "Harry?" "Yeah?" "Do you have a bestfriend thats a girl?" I asked gently. He shook his head. "Girls have cooties." "No. I don't! I'm clean. See?" I said showing him my hands. He slowly reached out and touched my fingertips. We smiled. "I guess so." "Let's color a picture of us!" I giggled. We pulled out the crayons and paper and made a picture of me and him. I put it in my treasure box and sat down. "Bestfriends forever Jessie?" "Bestfriends forever Harry." I promised him. "Jessie! Harry! It's time for cake." my mum said coming towards me and Harry.

After that, me and Harry played everyday for the next 6 years. We had a gap in the wooden fence that we could crawl through. We gave our parents heartattacks at times, but it was worth it. Harry never complained when I wanted to play girly games. We always worked it out. Sometimes when his mum wasn't home, he'd come to my house and we'd swing on the swing set or watch movies. I told him all my secrets. We had dreams of traveling the world together. Harry said one day he'd be famous and would get to go everywhere. He promised he'd take me with him too. I laughed.

Harry and I ditched anyone that wanted to be our friend because we were too busy with each other. One day Harry and his family left for a week long trip. I almost died without him, but what made it worse was we were moving. To America. On Saturday, I sat on the front porch steps watching my parents pack everything we had left into the back of the car. Harry came running across the yard with his family trailing. "Hey Jessie. I missed you!" he said. "I missed you too Harry." I said, keeping my eyes on my feet. "What's wrong? What's going on?" he asked. "I'm moving to America." I wimpered. "Why? It's so far away." he said quietly. "I know. It's my dads job." "Okay kiddo. Let's go!" my dad said. Anne and Gemma hugged my mum and dad. I turned to Harry with tears falling down my cheeks.

"Bye Harry. I'll miss you." He hugged me. "I'll miss you Jessie." We stood up and walked down the pathway to my car. I hugged Gemma and Anne tightly. I hopped in the car and rolled down the window. "Remember bestfriends forever Harry?" He nodded and stuck his pinky out waiting for me to link mine with his. "Don't forget me." he said. I leaned back in the car as we drove off. I remembered wanting to be a toddler like Alex. He had no friends yet! I thought about Harry everyday up until now. I bet he's all grown up and handsome. I bet he forgot about me. I bet he has new friends and a girlfriend. It didn't matter though. I was determined to find him again.

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