Dark night

What is the thing under the bed and are the things just out of sight really dead.
(Note this was published way back in 1997 in the book ecstatic experience).


1. Full poem

Dark night


I climb between the cold sheets I wish I could fall asleep. The darkness takes over my room; I feel dread and gloom alone in my room.

Maybe I will look under my bed but my consciousness says if you look under the bed you might find something that’s dead.

I try to count sheep to help me fall asleep but behind my eye lids I can still see the dark, I’m not very smart.

I keep my eyes tightly closed lets hope the darkness doesn’t know.

I will soon fall into a deep sleep; I didn’t even need to count the sheep.

When I wake in the morning the night will seem distant and bare how the hell was I ever scared.


C Robert Paul Bennett 1997

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