Last First Kiss

Mia, an 18 year old girl, just got out of high school and is ready to start her new life in England. She moves into a high class, private neighborhood and finds out that her new neighbor is Harry Styles! They go through love, lust and lots of drama together. Read to find out! (;


7. True Feelings



When I woke up, I decided that it was probably a good idea to call my family. When I dialed my mom picked up right away. She was flipping out. "OH, Honey I thought you had died! Why didn't you call sooner!? Oh, forget that! How was the flight? Hows your flat?" she asked panically. I answered all her question, talked to my brother and step-dad then hung up. I didn't feel so good so I decided to lie down. As I'm walking to my room, I hear the doorbell. I walked to the door and it was Harry. "Yay!" I said in my head. He looked perfect. A white v-neck, grey jeans. Gosh. He is irresistible. "Hey!" I said, giving him a hug & a peck on the lips. "Hello" he said with his cute accent. I invited him in and we sat on the couch. "What should we do today?" he asked. "Well I-I-". Boom. I threw up in a bowl on the coffee table. Oh god. What have I done? "Oh my gosh are you alright?" Harry asked, holding my hair up and rubbing my back. "Um, yeah. Yeah. I'm fine. Just completely embarrassed." I said with an awkward laugh. "Don't be." he said with a smile. "I wanna be with you." he added. "Through everything." he said, looking into my eyes. "I feel the same."




I'm sure we would have hugged and maybe had a makeup session...if she hadn't thrown up. But I was still thrilled. We were...together I guess. This was crazy perfect. She can come on tour with me and the boys. We will hang out everyday. Get more...intense. "Woah woah woah" I said in my head. Maybe your thinking too far ahead Harry. No, No I'm just fantasizing. But that is definitely what I want. More than anything. Just to be with her.

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