Last First Kiss

Mia, an 18 year old girl, just got out of high school and is ready to start her new life in England. She moves into a high class, private neighborhood and finds out that her new neighbor is Harry Styles! They go through love, lust and lots of drama together. Read to find out! (;


12. This needs to stop

*Remember guys her name is now Jordan and Jarry is the couple name(: . So the twitter name will be chugged too. SO VERY SORRY*


Jordan's POV

"I love you" Harry said. The words lingered and lingered in my head. "I love you too." I meant it. Harry was my everything. I stayed in his arms.


*Few days later*


I  tried ignore all the "HateJarry" things from now on. A lot of people did like us together and that made me happy. The mean comment though. They were horrid. I actually didn't even feel like eating anymore because of the "fat whore" thing. I was starting to notice every little detail about what I looked like. It was horrible.  Today, Harry made me lunch. I ate 2 bites. I felt bad but I just couldn't do it. Eating made me feel fat. Harry obviously noticed. He would glance at my plate, noticing that I had barely taken a bite. "Are you okay, love?" he asked me, looking slightly worried. "Yes, fine. Why do you ask?" I asked him. "Your not eating anymore.." he said looking down. "Umm, I'm just not hungry." I said with a smile, but I was about to cry. He didn't buy it. I could tell. "I have to go to the bathroom." I said quickly, then ran to the bathroom crying. I closed the door and sat on the bathroom floor crying. "I can't. I can't." I kept muttering to myself. But then, I did it.


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