Last First Kiss

Mia, an 18 year old girl, just got out of high school and is ready to start her new life in England. She moves into a high class, private neighborhood and finds out that her new neighbor is Harry Styles! They go through love, lust and lots of drama together. Read to find out! (;


10. Hia(:

I woke up in Harry's arms. Things have escalated very quickly between us. I mean I obviously don't mind. I was watching Harry sleep a little bit, sorry if thats creepy but I couldn't help it. I played with his curls a little until he finally opened his eyes. "Good morning, lovely." he said in his sexy morning voice. "Good morning." I said with a smile. "You know what?" he asked with a smile. "What?" I smiled back. "I haven't officially asked you to be my girlfriend yet." he winked at me. "Well thats a problem, isn't it?" I said leaning over to kiss him. He stared into my eyes, as I did the same. "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. "Of course I will, Styles." I hugged him for awhile. It was perfect. Harry decided to go make us breakfast so I decided to get on Twitter. #Hia was trending. I smiled at that, I thought it was cute. I looked at some of the #Hia tags. @Love1dforevs: @itsmiabro_ "You and Harry are perfect (; #Hia4life". Awhhh, that was sweet! I kept looking and saw a bunch like that but I saw more hate the support. @directioner4lyfee_: @itsmiabro_ "Your a dumb slut. Using Harry for his money and fame and thats it. Just back the fuck off. Harry doesn't need you. #Hiashoulddie". @angelloves1d: @itsmiabro_ you need to back the fuck off. Were done done done with you already. Your a dumb fat whore. get outta our fandom. He's too good for your sorry ass.  #hiahaters". I started to cry. Maybe their right. Maybe Harry is too good for me. I don't deserve him. I broke down at all the nasty things. Harry must've heard me. He came running up the stairs. "What's wrong love?" I didn't answer. I just showed him the tweets. Harry pulled me into a tight hug. Just holding me. Trying to calm me down. "Baby, those aren't even close to true. Your beautiful. Your perfect." he said, stroking my hair. "No Harry, their right. Your too good for me. I don't deserve you." I said crying. "No. Your too good for me. Your my angel. My everything. If anyone got the chance to have you, they'd be the luckiest man alive, just like me. I love you."

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