Last First Kiss

Mia, an 18 year old girl, just got out of high school and is ready to start her new life in England. She moves into a high class, private neighborhood and finds out that her new neighbor is Harry Styles! They go through love, lust and lots of drama together. Read to find out! (;


8. Fun Night



I still felt ill, but I wasn't puking anymore. Me and Harry just lied in bed, watching movies all day. Joking around, cuddling, kissing. This was a fantasy. I was in heaven when I was in his arms. Things got a little heated. First just making out, then it went a little farther. Nothing too hard or violent. Just normal sex I guess. I ran my fingers through his perfect curls. He was grabbing my waist, slowly moving down to my ass, then the back of my thighs. The pleasure was never-ending. He was going harder & harder, so he got tired. I didn't want him to pull out, but eventually I got tired as well. I fell asleep in his arms, feeling happier than ever.




Her body was fantastic. I could feel her slight curves as my hands slowly moved down her body. Her hands in my hair. Slight moaning. Definitely the best night of my life.

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