Last First Kiss

Mia, an 18 year old girl, just got out of high school and is ready to start her new life in England. She moves into a high class, private neighborhood and finds out that her new neighbor is Harry Styles! They go through love, lust and lots of drama together. Read to find out! (;


1. And I'm Off

"Okay, I think thats the last box!" I said moving the box into my car. My mom is about in tears, but I know my life will be better in England. Ever since my dad died, I feel like something has been missing in my life. I don't know what it is but I know that me leaving will help me figure it out. " I'm going to miss you so much." my mom says about in tears. I'm just happy my brother and step-dad are there to take care of her. With out them she would be a mess. " I'm going to miss you too." I say giving her one last hug, as well my brother & step-dad. I say my goodbye's and get in the car, waving, and staring at my old home, getting ready to go to my new one.

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