shes not afraid

what will happen when a 19 year old baker girl meets her soul mate but not the way she expected. Jessie got pregnant when she was 14 and her boyfriend died right after the birth of there baby girl Chloe. When she meets her new best friend will she help her through her problems or just leave her and chloe alone.


2. At the park

When I brought Chloe back to the house she Wanted to play Softball at the park so i got changed into this:BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFmVOZXRTTzAyUV9LVkpkck9aV2tqQXcAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQ.jpg and dressed chloe into this:denim-shirt-skirt.jpg and we walked out the door. Since we were so close to the park we just walked. I locked the front door and put my phone in my pocket and we were off. "Mommy can you carry me?" "Yeah sure come here." I picked her up and she wasn't that heavy for her age. We arrived at the park and she jump out of my arms and ran to the swings and jumped on it. I sat on the bench behind her and got a text, 

'Hey jessie it's me Lou, we are heading to the park to play a game of football (soccer) and we wanted to know if you wante to meet us there?:)' 

'I'm already at the park with Chloe but im sure she would love to join you guys for a game meet us at the swings:)'

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