shes not afraid

what will happen when a 19 year old baker girl meets her soul mate but not the way she expected. Jessie got pregnant when she was 14 and her boyfriend died right after the birth of there baby girl Chloe. When she meets her new best friend will she help her through her problems or just leave her and chloe alone.


1. The baker (REDONE)

Another losy day at the bakery shop. I dont know why but i always urn myslef somehow. ow embarassing right

Maybe its becasue i cant cook at all!

Well hi! My name is jessica but I go by jessie or my close friends call me jeddikow. I know embarassing right? But lets talk about my life. Im 19 years old and i work in my uncles bakery shop. I have blonde hair that goes down to my arse and blue eyes sometime but alos green eyes. I have a very hyper personality and i am very random and crazy. But tust me I am very awesome. I just graduated high school and am going to West Cheshire College for my singing but also to swim.

OUCH! Shit i burnt myself agaim. Did I also say i burn myself here alot. My uncle ran over

"Jeddikow you need to sto-" "DONT CALL ME JEDDIKOW! Only my true friends and famiy can call me that and tust me roger your not one of them. So you either call me jessica or dont call me anythin at all."

I walked away and Started getting orders from five boys about my age when Chloe ran over to me and jumped in my arms. " Mommy i don't like it here." " I know sweetie but I'm almost done with my shift and then we can go home and watch scoobie doo ok?" A smile grew across her face and she ran back over to her play area. I turned back to the boys and they all looked confused.

" Is there a problem?" The boy with brown hair and big  muscles  spoke up " Oh no were sorry but your 19 right?" "mmhhmm but if you wanna judge me here me out first okay." I pulled up a chair and started talking

"Well when i was 14 my boyfriend and I were in love and i know you might say 'your to young for love' but we were in love and when i found out i was pregnant he was there for me. " " Well were is he now??" "Louis stop let her finish." The muscly guy said i chuckled

"Well i will answer your question Louis, When i went into labor Tyler was rushing to come sand by my side but.... he got hit by a drunk driver and i never saw him hold his daughter or even get to say good bye to me." By now i was crying and Louis started rubbing my back.

"Well lets introduce oursleves. I'm Louis thats Liam." He pointed to the guy with the muscles and then to the guy with curly hair "That's harry that's niall and that's zayn." He pointed to the blonde and then the guy with dark brown hair. 

"Well it was nice to meet you but i have to go finish my shift. Heres my number so if you ever wanna meet up just text or call me and we can make plans. Bye boys!"

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