Louis, & Me.

Teenager Danika is a One Direction fan all the way! Her dream is to go to a One Direction concert, will she actually get to go? Who knows, she might even start dating one of the members of One Direction.


31. Yes!

Niall P.O.V. 

Oh my god, did she really just said she liked me? 

"You like me..?" 

"Yup, alot" She smiles 

"Thats great!" 

"Hah...Why...?" She questioned 

"Because I like you too" 


"Will you be my girlfriend?" I say smiling at her 

"Of course I will. Thats a million yes's!" As she jumps and hugs me 

"Buuuut, how about we keep it secret for like a week" Audrey says 

"Alright, love" 

Audrey P.O.V. 

Yes! Niall asked me out!! So he's my boyfriend. Niall Horan, is my boyfriend. This couldn't get any better can it? I still can't believe it! I knew he had a little crush, cause Dani told me, but I didn't actually think he would date me! 


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