Louis, & Me.

Teenager Danika is a One Direction fan all the way! Her dream is to go to a One Direction concert, will she actually get to go? Who knows, she might even start dating one of the members of One Direction.


5. The Best Thing

After our walk in the park, Louis told me he liked me! I couldn't believe it! 

  This morning I got up and I got a txt from Louis, he wanted to meet at the beach. Just me, him, and the rest of guys. When I got there, Louis rushed right up to my car, opened the door before I could. 

"Thanks, your such a gentleman" I tell him. 

"No problem- Zayn interupts Louis says "Louis is this the girl you wont shut up about?" 

"Shh, yes. This is her." 

    Harry and I go get some Ice Cream for everyone. 

"So, Danika do you like Louis?" Harry asks 

"Yes! I do so much! He's so nice, he's SO cute, sweet, and hilarious. How can I not like him?" 

When me and Harry get back, Niall shouts "Louis, are you Danika dating yet??" Louis says "No, but actually thats what I've been wanting to talk to you Danika about. Danika, will you go out with me?" 

I say "Of course I will!"  And I hug louis.

 Having Louis ask me out was the best thing that has ever happened to me before.




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