Louis, & Me.

Teenager Danika is a One Direction fan all the way! Her dream is to go to a One Direction concert, will she actually get to go? Who knows, she might even start dating one of the members of One Direction.


30. Home

Niall P.O.V.

I picked Audrey up from the airport, and no one saw me...so that's good. I want to get to know Audrey, then maybe we can start dating, man, that would awesome! Then, me and Audrey, Louis & Dani could go on double dates. Me and Audrey are home now.


"AUDREY!" Dani, and Audrey scream at each other while we're walking through the door.

The boys go and greet Audrey. "Hey! How are you?" Liam says, and hugs her. "Its going good! How are you guys?!?" they all respond together "Good!"

"Can someone help me unpack?" Audrey says looking around the room.

"I WILL!" I shouted that before any of the boys could.

Audrey and I walk upstairs, me and her sharing a room with Liam, i really hope he doesnt like her...

"Soo, Audrey.. Do you like any of the boys?"

"Yeah, I gues i do. He's sweet, Plays guitar, has great hair, and nice, im sharing a room with him also. If he asked me out i'd say yes in a heartbeat. " Audrey sighs, "Do you know who im talking about?"


"Nope, you."

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