Louis, & Me.

Teenager Danika is a One Direction fan all the way! Her dream is to go to a One Direction concert, will she actually get to go? Who knows, she might even start dating one of the members of One Direction.


8. Good Morning

Zayn, Niall and Liam are jumping on mine and Louis's bed screaming "Get up, get up!!" While Harry is singing 'Live While We're Young' to us. 

Louis gets up, goes the other side of the bed picks me up like a baby and brings us into the small living room, and lays me on the couch, and gets a blanket, and cuddles right up to me. 

And says, "I love you, so much." puts his arm around me and kisses me softly. 

"I love you more." I say. 

"I don't think so." he says. I fall asleep with him on the couch. 

 About an hour later, I hear Harry talking and Louis says "Shh, Dani's sleeping don't wake her, quiet down."   

I wake up, and the boys are in mine and Louis's room. 'Hey what are you guys doing? And where is Louis?" I ask them. 

"Louis made us come in here because he thought we were gonna wake you up, and he went to get you some breakfast." Liam explains. 


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